Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Nice Little Weekend

This weekend has been a great weekend - and the best part is that it's not over just yet. My mom came to visit Friday night and we went out to eat at Season's (a great little restaurant in Farragut). Everything was absolutely delicious as always. I love little places like that - you know, where the chef greats you at the door and everything is so intimate and well thought out. It just says to me -this guy really loves what he's doing and wants to keep it special. Saturday we spent the day going through all the boxed up wedding gifts I have just been too lazy to go through. We hung plates on the wall and redecorated my shelves in the living room with all the little fun things people were so gracious to give me and my husband.

She also brought me some of my paintings I did several years ago. I hung one on my wall and now I am inspired to do some more. Maybe that will be my next project. I have only done flowers, but I'm envisioning a lemon in the kitchen and a bird in my bathroom...

And how do you ask did I get pictures on my blog if my camera is on the fritz??? Well, after more than a month of not working we FINALLY got ready to pack up the camera and mail it off to Kodak and my husband decided to give it just one more try and voila! I guess the camera was so scared of the US Postal Service that it decided to work for us. I'm sure it will die again just before the holidays and right when the warranty is up.

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