Wednesday, November 26, 2008

White Noise

For the past month, I have decided to relinquish the need to keep up with my strict T.V. schedule. My old schedule use to consist of:
  • Monday: Jon & Kate plus 8

  • Tuesday: House

  • Wednesday: Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money

  • Thursday: Grey's Anatomy and whatever that new show is that comes on after it...

  • Sunday: Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters

  • Plus, of course, some good ole reruns in between and the Today show every morning

I kept telling my husband that I didn't have time do anything besides come home, cook, watch a little T.V. and go to sleep. I finally added it up and realized I was watching hours upon hours of T.V. that honestly added nothing to my life except mere entertainment. So I cut down considerably - I now just keep up with Jon & Kate (I mean I can't turn away those precious kids!), Grey's Anatomy (although it is on the list to be dropped if they don't figure out what they are doing with this Denny ghost), and of course the Today show (that's where I get all my info people!).

Anyways - the whole point of this is to tell you how much I have accomplished with the T.V. turned off and no strict schedule to keep me home bound at certain times each night. The house is cleaner, more reading has been done, and more creative projects have been finished! It is a great life with no T.V. - it's amazing how much you can accomplish!

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  1. I used to have the same problem -- I thought I watch too many shows, but now I spend too much time blogging!!! If I don't post a day, I get a lot done in the house....

    Very lovely blog:)


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