Saturday, January 10, 2009

Give Me Strength

The title is deceiving - this is not a sad post today. Well actually it kinda is.

My husband's birthday is just about a week away and one of the things he's been wanting is a pair of 35 pound weights, well that and a Buck Roar (don't ask it's a deer hunting thing). So I go to Dick's Sporting Goods to fulfill his birthday wish and I find exactly what I'm looking for at an even lower price that I had found on the Internet.

They are on the bottom shelf so I bend down to pick them up.

They don't budge - not at all.

I squat in my high heels to try to get the good ole legs involved and try again. They move, but not much.

I get up and walk around to see if I can find someone to help. No one but other women in the store who don't look that much bigger than me.

I try to find a cart. Maybe, just maybe if I can do a quick power lift into the cart I can get them to the counter. But then, I would have to lift them out of the cart again to put them in the car...hmm, no cart in sight.

I said forget it. I called my husband and told him the story who got a wonderful laugh. He'll get to see the purchase of his own presents today. Maybe I do need to make a resolution to work out this year!


  1. Hahahah...great story!!! I dread the day fiance asks me to get him anything bigger than 20 lbs weights. Not even sure I could grab those for him!

  2. Aww you're so sweet. I'm sure your husband will be happy..

    I try to work out at least 3 - 4 times a week, not to lose weight, but gain some muscle. I think I'm getting stronger and stronger. And it's great way to relieve my daily stress. You should definitely try!

  3. I lifted something heavy once without a cart, and as I was walking, I lost balance, and toppled a basketball net.

  4. Imagine how happy your postman would be if he read this. He'd be thinking "Damn! Imagine MY embarrassment if she chose to order online"

  5. HaHa! Sometimes it's just so hard to surprise them isn't it?! At least you know he's happy with his present and you put a lot more effort than I would have into lifting!

  6. Haha, that is a pretty funny story!

  7. lol i feel your pain. when i get a pkg here at work that weighs 35-40 lbs (usually once a day), i have a hard time lugging it off the ground (why do they insist on putting it on the floor when my desk is rightthere?) onto my desk.


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