Monday, July 26, 2010

River Float

This weekend was a hot one. Especially for us. Michael's AC went out on his vehicle a couple weeks ago. The diagnoses - a dead compressor with a very hefty bill. I dropped it off to be fixed on Friday and Friday night - our AC died at our house.

Apparently I was meant to sweat it out this weekend. It all ended up okay. As of today all the AC's are up and working. And thankfully due to our American Home Shield membership with our new house - we didn't have to pay to fix the home AC. Yay!

Yesterday instead of sweating it out in the house, we decided to go on a river float with the rest of my family.

We used to take canoe trips every year, but the local canoe rental place closed a few years ago and we just hadn't picked it back up again. This time around we decided to do inflatable floats and just drift down the river.

Well I should rephrase that. They did inflatables. I stuck to the canoe with my two paddlers (my husband and my dad). I knew better than to try to get my big butt in an inflatable raft....there's no way I'd be able to get out. It's hard enough getting myself out of bed in the morning at this point!

We had a great time. We found a rope swing that a few people jumped off of. Not me of course and I really didn't think the rest of them should have been doing it either....the water wasn't THAT deep. But oh well. Everyone came up just fine!

Tonight Michael and I are headed to the Paul McCartney concert in Nashville. We lucked up on some tickets for free through his work. Can't wait!

More nursery updates to come soon! I've been a busy bee!


  1. that looks SO awesome. i want to go!!!!

  2. I floated the Guadalupe River in Texas this weekend. Hadn't done it in years. So upset that I forgot my camera. Great fun, isn't it?


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