Monday, August 15, 2011

Ethan's First Case of the Sickies

The little one still has the sickies. Not only does he have the sickies, but he's also got tooth number 4 trying to break through. Needless to say...we aren't having as much fun as usual around here. 

There's never only one issue is there? 

He's got chapped lips from breathing through his mouth. He's started refusing his straw cups that I switched him over to right before he got sick. And sometimes I can't tell if he needs Tylenol for his gums or if he's just fussy because he's over being sick. Oh well. We'll get it figured out and I hope he will back to his happy, perky, baby self soon!

Another fabulous part of this sick thing?

He's learned how to refuse things. At the mere sight of a thermometer, a nasal aspirator, or face wipes he begins to furiously shake his head no. This makes everything a 4 handed task, but alas I have to make do with my two and a few wrestling like moves to get the job done. 

Evil boogies must be eliminated immediately!

Sick babies are pitiful. Something so cute, little, and precious shouldn't have to experience such things. I should count my lucky stars that Ethan has been healthy for a whole 10 months before getting his first sick spell. 

Hopefully this means he will have a good immune system like his mommy! 


  1. poor baby! I hope he feels better soon. Giada is also sick right now. And I was the one that gave it to her, too. She's pretty pitiful not being able to breathe through her nose at all.
    Also, I am seriously terrified of teething. I don't know how I'll be able to handle it when it comes. She's 8months already, and still not one in sight so far.
    Thinking of you momma :-)

  2. Aww poor little Ethan! I do hope he does get to feeling better soon. And what is it with babies and hating having their faces washed? How do they know that? Programmed in the DNA?

  3. Aw, E!! Well, hopefully the dreaded Sickies are one and done before SOMEONE's FABULOUS first birthday! We hope he feels better soon.. The Sickies are the absolute pits for everyone involved! Hugs!

  4. Poor guy! We're well versed with the sickies over at our house! Last winter seemed like one, looong drawn out cold. Yuck. Sick kids are the worst! Hope he feels better soon!

  5. aaww...poor ethan:( I am SO sorry to hear he is under the weather. sick babies are the saddest things in the world. I hope he feels better SOON!

  6. Poor Ethan! Hope he is better soon! That is amazing that he has not been sick for 10 months! That's a healthy baby!!

  7. I hope Ethan starts feeling better soon! I hate when cute little ones are sick - especially if they can't really express how they're feeling/what hurts! :(


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