Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Geysers, Thermals & Mudpots, Oh My!

Yesterday we made our first venture into Yellowstone. This park is amazingly huge and even though we are here for a week, we still won't get to see it all! The first section we decided to visit contained the geysers, thermal pools, and mud pots.

Of course we stopped at Old Faithful. It goes off around every 90 minutes. When we arrived it was about 30 minutes until showtime so we just stopped and waited. 

There were several false starts....she's a tease for sure!

Once she got going though, she was really beautiful. I have to admit that my awe was distracted by a lady behind us who was very in awe. In fact, she was having a "When Harry Met Sally" moment. Our inner 13 year old selves could not stop from laughing.

After the show was over we toured the rest of the geysers and although Old Faithful is impressive, there are several others that are even more so. You can see some of the smaller ones up close and actually feel the steam come off of them and see the water bubbling.

There was also a triple geyser that we got to see go off from across the park that was spectacular. 

I expected the geyser park to smell like sulfur and if the wind blew right, it did, but for the most part the sulfur smells were kept to a minimum. I also envisioned hearing a lot of rumbling, but again, it was mostly quiet. Some of the tiniest ones were the loudest actually.

One of the parts of the trip that I was most looking forward to were the thermal pools. The colors are amazing, and I have to admit that the camera picked up the colors much better than my own eyes did.

Sometimes I think we all get caught up in wanting to go out of the states to really see things, but there is so much here in our own backyard to experience! Our own country has so many natural wonders to see.

The land we were on today blew my mind. At times it looked like we were on another planet, but in fact we were on top of a volcano. All the bubbling and gurgling is caused by the hot magma that was right beneath our feet. 

God is amazing isn't He to create all of this!


  1. These photos are breathtaking!! Glad you're enjoying yourself! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

  2. So cool! I've always wanted to make the trip. These photos make me want to go even more!

  3. oh my gosh...how cool!!! Your pics are amazing and what a cool place to visit...i need to get out more;)

    Hope you guys are having a great trip!

  4. It's hard to believe this is right here in our own backyard! Respectively speaking of course. I need to start looking into some roadtrips soon!


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