Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Things Icky

This past week I have experienced all kinds of baby liquids. In our newborn session he peed at least 5 times. All over me, the photographer, the chair, the sheep skin rug...you name it...it's got baby pee on it. Let's just say, naked baby spells trouble! Can't wait to get the pictures back though - I'm sure they will be uber cute and worth all the extra cleaning.

I have also been pooped on, thanks to my lovely husbands suggestion that he just need to "air out" for a bit. Right....

The worst has been the projectile vomit in the face. Yum...nothing like half curdled milk coming within mere inches of going inside your mouth.

Speaking of vomit...we've been doing that a lot more lately and I'm not really sure what's up with that. I'm thinking that he's taking in too much breast milk too fast. I'm going to try burping him more in between and hopefully that will take care of the problem.

Who knew both Ethan and I would be going through 3 outfits a day. Unfortunately I don't have near as many clothing options as he does at this point. Laundry overload for sure!

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