Monday, September 26, 2011

Almost One!

When I get busy and bogged down, I have a really tough time thinking of something to write about. The only thing that ever comes to mind is to simply complain about whatever situation I'm in and what fun is that to read?

With 14 days until Ethan's b-day party and all the holidays right around the corner, you can probably assume that I'm in one of these moments. So much to do, so little time. Story of all of our lives right?

So, instead of complaining and writing what's really on my mind at the moment, I think I'll share with you a few things that make having an almost one year old great!

Adios Formula!

That's right. I'm cheating and have switched E over to whole milk already. We were down to one last can of formula once we got back from vaycay and I decided I wasn't buying anymore. I started slowly adding in milk to his formula and thankfully he loves it. So now we are buying two gallons of whole milk every week for $6.40 instead of two cans of formula for $50.00. Please excuse me while I go do a little happy dance.

Almost all food types are a-okay these days!

When I found Ethan in the pantry with the large box of raisins in his hands and most of those raisins shoved in his mouth I had a momentary flash of panic. Raisins...okay, not okay????? I can't remember. Then I thought...hey, he's almost one. I don't really have to be THAT concerned with all of that nonsense anymore. Go ahead son, eat the raisins. And believe me, he does. In fact, it's his new favorite snack.

The Fun Kid Days are Right Around the Corner!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not wishing away those sweet baby days by any means. Honestly I wish they would last a little longer, but I am also looking forward to fun kid adventures filled with imagination, crafting, and hearing all the funny things he is going to say. Just yesterday he pulled his little Nike shoe out of the drawer and tried to put it on his foot. What? When did this happen? He crawls directly upstairs after dinner to the bathtub because he knows it's his routine and points at the toothpaste when you hand him his toothbrush. Um, where did my baby go?


Cuddling is the new thing!

Okay so I know this is probably backwards for some of you, but my baby was not a cuddler in the beginning. He hated his back to be rubbed, would rather sleep in his crib than with us, and would rather you stand than rock him. Now? He thinks it's pretty awesome to snuggle. Just for a second mind you, but it's something! He has also learned how to kiss which is super sweet unless he decides to try his other new trick out too...biting. It's surprising either way.

I'm looking forward to Saturday naps together one day...I know it's against the "rules", but you've gotta be a rebel sometimes right? One day.

Communication is underway!

Before I had children the most scary thing to me was that they couldn't communicate with you. These days he has no problem communicating if he wants more of something or is "all done" with something. Recently I've heard him trying very hard to have a conversation with me. I just haven't figured out what he's saying just yet.

Hmmm, I have a feeling this next year is going to be super fun!

And, maybe a little exhausting :)


  1. Aaww-love this!!! Ethan is getting so big and I pretty much nodded my head in agreement to this whole post! I haven't blogged in a few days because if the business of life and it was so refreshing to read along and see I'm not the only one:). We too are doing the happy dance for the end of formula!!

    Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

  2. So freaking cute! Love the photos.

    Life really does get much easier when they hit 1!

  3. Awww this makes my heart so happy! I cannot wait! When did you start adding the milk in?

  4. Such a big guy! He is growing up and I LOVE that you are cherishing it and looking forward to new stages. I'm like you and have a tiny place in my heart for that "baby" I came home with but I'm loving his changes. There is so much fun to come!

  5. Seriously, Ethan is SO cute! Baby J was never much of a snuggler until this month and I think it's due to the teething stage. While I hate the teething the cuddling is so nice!

  6. Ok so that third to last pic...Ethan officially looks like a toddler! Can't wait to see you guys soon...really can't believe that it's only like 2 weeks away!

  7. The pic of him snuggling with the dog is so cute! Time flies, doesn't it?

  8. What a great post!! Ethan is such a cutie! And I love all of the fun stuff we have to look forward to with our little 1 yr-olds! :)

  9. What a great way to look at things! I enjoyed reading this!

  10. he adorable....i love the one of him reaching into the cabinet..

  11. Oh my goodness he has such a sweet face :)


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