Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Great Sippy Cup Review - Vlog Style

Yep. I did another v-log. It just seemed like the best fit for the sippy cup test I'm doing today! 

I will be showing you all 10 of the different cups we own along with reviews concerning ease of use (for both baby and mom), how to put each of them together, whether they leak, and how easy they are to drink out of. That's right can watch me drink out of a sippy cup today. Yaaaay.

There are two videos the first one is the review for valve cup style sippys and the second is for the straw cup style sippys. Pictures and links to purchase are below the videos! Feel free to add your two cents in the comment section regarding your sippy cup experience (not my fabulous videos skills please).

Valve Cup Review

Straw Cup Review

Valve Cup Purchase Links

Playtex Sipster

This one was given to me as a baby shower present, but I have seen it at Target.

Dr. Browns Soft Sprout Training Cup

This was also a gift but I have seen it at Babies R Us.

Tommee Tippee Explora Training Cup

I personally purchased this from Babies R Us in a one pack. 98% certain I did not pay $10 for my single cup. If I did, I must have been in a desperate situation. Check out Babies R US for a better price on this one.

OXO Tot Sippy Cup
I paid more for this one than I thought !!! Grrrr OXO.

Munchkin Mighty Grip Sippy
This one was purchased at Walmart and was more than likely cheaper there than through Amazon.

Playtex Twist and Click Sprout Cup
I personally found this one at Publix half off.

Straw Cup Purchase Links

Munchkin Mighty Grip Straw Cup

Tommee Tippee Explora Lil Sippy Sport Straw
I personally purchased these at Babies R Us for a better price.

Nuby Flex Straw Cup
Personally purchased at Publix for a cheaper price

Vital Baby Toddler Straw Cup


  1. It's so funny that you've done this review! Yesterday I was thinking about you saying a while back that Ethan drinks only from sippy cups now, and was going to ask you which ones you liked the best. You know, since my own kiddo is almost 10months old and loves to drink from them. I really like the straw once since Giada LOVES drinking from them. Thanks so much for doing this girly :-)

  2. Ha ha you weren't lying when you said you had every sippy cup out there :) Glad you finally found the ones you liked!

  3. This is such a great post!!! I wish this info had been out there when we started down the sippy cup path! We are using the born free valve and straw cup (we do formula in the valve and water in the straw) and addie seems pretty happy with them. I haven't tried drinking out of them yet...although I must admit, after watching you try it out - i might try just to see what she's dealing with! We tried the dr. browns sippy because we did the dr. browns bottle too but found that after a couple of uses they started leaking so we canned those!! The born free are pretty easy to clean and come in the 7 and 9 oz size with removable handles and the ounce markers on the side for anyone thats reading comments!!

    You are so brave to vlog...and i love that ethan joined in one the conversation - hes too cute:)


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