Friday, September 30, 2011

Letting My Troubles Blow Away

First, I wanted to thank everyone for their supportive comments on yesterday's post. It's funny how we can all relate to those feelings of not being enough from time to time. This mothering thing is definitely a learning process and I'm sure that I will get better with dealing with certain things with time.

My little guy must have gotten the "mommy needs a break" memo too because he slept in until 10AM this morning!!! Honestly those few extra hours to myself were just what I needed. I'm thinking he is feeling a little refreshed as well!

I'm not sure how the weather is where you are at, but it's absolutely beautiful here. I've got the AC off and all the windows open. I think the fresh breezes are a mood lifter! I'm actually in the mood to do all of my Friday house cleaning. Maybe even a little excited about it? 

I know I usually save all the Ethan updates for his monthly posts, but sometimes he does so many new things all at once, that I'm afraid I won't remember them once the month is over. Yesterday actually we had 4 new firsts!

He took his first 4 wheeler ride (very, very slow mind you) to see new baby cows. He was absolutely in love with them and I think he might have pointed to every single tree we passed along the way. He's infatuated with trees!

He stood up without any support what so ever. It was so thrilling to see him just stand up on his own without any furniture to help him. Maybe this means we are one step closer to walking?

He also climbed down the stairs in a more correct fashion. Normally he tries to head face first down the stairs like a belly slide. I had briefly showed him how to turn around and climb down just the other day, but I decided he wasn't ready for it just yet so I didn't worry with it anymore. So last night when he decided to back down the stairs I was completely surprised!

I've been surprised that he hasn't tried this on his own before, but yesterday when I was eating an oatmeal cream pie he decided to make a bee line for the couch and climb up on it. I guess the couch had never been so tempting before. Of course I gave him a bite (or three...ok five) of the sweet treat!

I think I have been focusing on the wrong details lately. It's funny how Ethan has a way of showing me the right way and what's really important in life. Please excuse us while we let the breeze blow through our hair!

PS - What do you think about the larger pictures? After tinkering with my HTML code yesterday I finally was able to figure out how to do it! Now if only I could make my font a tad larger?


  1. :) I love the pictures! the size of them is cool, but the one where Ethan and the puppy are looking out the window is just precious!

  2. I am glad that Ethan knew when to give you a break! I do like the bigger pics. And this weather has been so awesome! I wish it could always be like this!

  3. PS--I just realized I went a little crazy with the explanation marks :)

  4. Yay for all the firsts! I keep waiting for Ethan to stand up without any support. I know he's right on track, but it will be so exciting when he does it!

    Glad you got some extra sleep in!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! I also just read your previous post - I think we all experience a certain number of those type of feelings from time to time...getting a little bit of time to yourself can help immensely!!

  6. I just commented on your post with the wrong email address...that last comment was from Sarah at The Stroller Ballet ;)

  7. I hope he sends my boy that Memo!! 10 am? Whew! Glad you got refreshed!! I never get everything done anymore either. so frustrating


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