Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Narrowing Down

Update on yesterday's boarding dilemma:

After hearing every one's wonderful advice and recommendations I called my dad to tell him the situation and he thankfully volunteered to keep Lola! Yay! Now I can go on my trip and not have to worry about her. Although he does have an older golden retriever (Maggie) who does not think she is so cute. Let's just say Lola thinks growling and teeth showing means that Maggie need more kisses. They'll definitely be kept separated. Socialization classes will also be added to the to do list!

Another goal of mine is to finally get our wedding album ordered before our one year anniversary. I have been feverishly going through pictures and I have found it almost impossible to narrow them down. I have about 2000 pictures from the wedding and have to get it narrowed down to 90! Agh! There is so much I have to cut that I feel like I’m not going to capture my full wedding experience or all the people who shared our day. We are just a month away from our anniversary and I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

I'm sure I will be sharing more photos on our anniversary! Stay tuned.


  1. Glad you got the doggy situation figured out. I know how stressful it is!!!

    And gorgeous pictures, no wonder you are having a difficult time deciding!

  2. Can you organize some of them into photo collages like on picnik or picassa or some program that does that and then count it as 1 picture?

  3. Gorgeous photos! You have some tough decisions to make! :(

    And, ummm...the friend right behind you in the top photo? Reese Witherspoon at your wedding, huh?

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos... no wonder it is so hard!

  5. love your veil! beautiful pics.

  6. YOU LOOK STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! Laura, the wedding photos are amazing!!! And the veil - I love it! Can't wait to see more photos:)


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