Monday, November 9, 2009

It's All Good

Surprise! I have very uncharacteristically planned a last minute vacation. Yesterday I booked our flight and hotel to San Francisco! Michael had some days left to use before the end of the year and San Francisco seemed like the perfect place to go since one of my college friends currently lives out there. We will be leaving next Wednesday. See, I really meant it when I said last minute!

Everything is slowly sliding into place.

Our counter tops are going to be installed tomorrow and then I can put the last finishing touches on this place and get it listed. We didn't think the counter tops would be in until the first week of December so this is a very pleasant surprise as well.

I'm over my panic of everything being out of control. I've decided to go with the flow. I've realized that the next two months are probably going to be fairly busy, so hopefully I won't have much time to focus on my current limbo status.

I think I am over my reminiscing phase at this point. I will still need to go through my goodbyes with Knoxville, but overall I'm getting to the peace point. Change, even when it's good, is hard for me.

I'm so excited about out little get-a-way. I do still need to plan all the fun stuff. That's where you come in. Any suggestions on what to do while there?


  1. How fun! I have never been but always wanted to. Have a blast!! Maybe hit up a vineyard...?

  2. Breakfast at Mamas Cafe is a MUST!

  3. change is hard for me too, even though i crave it!! isn't that what they call an oxymoron? who knows. lol

  4. Have a great vacation!! If you like crab go to Crestations, it has the best garlic crab ever!!

  5. Or if you like Italian, The Stinking Rose in the Northend is delicious as well.

  6. good mornin' darlin'

    i have something for you over at my place :)

  7. Ok so since I am one of your goodbyes in Knoxville...I thought I would add a comment. Yes I knew a condition of our friendship was eventually that you would move back to Middle TN...but never did I think so soon! I won't go all mushy on you b/c neither of us even know to handle mushy emotions. So here goes, you've become one of my best friends, and I will truly miss you here in Knoxville. I know you won't be too far, however I know we won't have easy access to Mexican food with margaritas, wine, or the book club! So stay in touch through email and visits (yes I know you hate the phone). You have to at least email me, b/c who else would I send sarcastic emails to? Someone like you who enjoys sarcastic emails!

    So I won't say goodbye...more like you are going on an extended vacation!!!

  8. Have fun on your vacation! I wish I can do that right now, too. I think I really needed it.

  9. Three words: AL-CA-TRAZ.

    And make sure you take them up on the "anybody want to get locked in solitary?" thing. I'm claustrophobic, but so worth it.

  10. Hi! I'm stopping by from Allysons place, Congrats on your award and on planning your vacation so fast! I've never been to San Fransisco but a friend of mine went for her honeymoon, I've heard they have amazing winerys out there if you're into wine. Hope you have a great time!


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