Saturday, March 20, 2010

Operation: Undercover Pregnancy - Week 8 in Review

02.18.10 - 02.24.10

This week I've been feeling even better than last week and it is seriously scaring me. What if something is wrong? What if something happened? I'm trying not to dwell on it, but at the same time I'm not letting myself get overly excited either. In one week I will be back in the doctors office and hopefully this time we will hear a heartbeat and everything will be as it should be and I can breath a huge sigh of relief.

The big news this week is that we closed on our condo and are one step closer to having the home to raise our kids in. I can't get over how grown up that sounds. This is really happening, isn't it?

We shared the pregnancy news with a whopping three people this week. We couldn't hold out any longer. Our best friends Heather and Daniel who have a 5 month old were ecstatic and my sister Chrissy was excited and shocked for us as well. It gets a little more exciting with each person we share the news with and there's definitely more of that to come.

The first baby item was purchased yesterday. Bibs! We decided that it would be best to tell our parents all at once and the least awkward way to do it would be via gifts. We will be spilling the beans finally when we move into our home in two weeks. The gifts will be disguised as "thank you" gifts for helping us move. more week until we finally get the confirmation I've been so desperately needing!

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  1. I know all too well the worry you feel. I'll be right there with you for the next 3 months, Last night I just kept htinking of all I'm doing right and forcing myself to relinquish control to the Universe. I had a feeling of peace after, I hope for you xo


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