Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Week with Ethan

I can't believe that 10 days ago I went from this....

to this....a mommy!

This first week has been a whirlwind and I can't wait to get a little bit more time to write up his birth story before I start forgetting things. I never knew just how I would react to having a baby since I have never been a baby person, but I have to admit that things have just come very naturally to me and I am beyond thankful for that.
The first night home wasn't the easiest. We quickly learned that infant gas medicine is a must have. We've been peed on countless times and I quickly learned that while giving a spot bath, you should always have a diaper on the baby and to definitely not lay him on a nice white towel.

Michael has been an amazing husband and father. He took excellent care of me in the hospital...let's just say giving birth isn't pretty! He's an expert swaddler and has been helpful at night even though he's the one that has to get up and go to work in the mornings.

Little Ethan has had tons of visitors who have thankfully stocked our kitchen full of food. We are hoping for a pretty laid back weekend though so we can find our new normal, just soak it all in and enjoy.

Hopefully I will be getting back into the rhythm of things soon. There is so much to share and I don't want to forget a minute of it.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you're getting into the swing of things and your freezer is stocked! How's your dog adjusting?

  2. Aww Laura, he's soooo adorable!!!!!! Congrats my darling. He's an angel!!

    Oh, if you want me to paing something on his wall, let me know!


  3. Laura, he is absolutely precious! Congratulations to you both!!!!!! I am so happy for you! xo

  4. Laura, he's precious! Glad y'all are doing well! Can't wait to hear more! :)

  5. He is beautiful...congrats!! So precious. God's blessings to you and yourss!

  6. Awwwww, I love this! I am so happy for all of you and glad you are getting into the swing of things!

  7. thanks for visiting! I am so glad to have found you! your blog is every bit as cute as you are and your son takes cute to a whole new level (aren't boys great?!).


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