Thursday, April 7, 2011

All in Moderation

As you all know I've taken on the adventure of extreme couponing. Let me just clarify something....I will not be hoarding 1400 rolls of toilet paper under my sons bed! Did you guys see TLC's Extreme Couponing series premiere last night? If was nuts.

People were special ordering 1000's of boxes of cereal, buying 150 candy bars, buying things in general in multiples of 50 plus. Storage was taking over every room of their homes. No thank you.

I'm all about saving money, but in moderation. Just because I can get something for free, doesn't mean I need a 30 year supply. I also don't want to be spending every waking moment thinking about couponing. No sir. I have a life.

What I do want to do is keep money in my family's pockets. Being on one income isn't always easy and having a baby means that there is always a need for more. My goal is to have a stock of 2-3 months worth of stuff because sales DO cycle! I have 1 shelving unit in my garage and that's it! I don't see myself ever buying more than 3-5 of ANYTHING.

I have to admit that I spend more time than I would like on couponing at this point. I'm not sure of the actual amount, but it is decreasing as I figure things out. I honestly don't think it will be that big of a time commitment by the end of this month because it is seriously getting easier as I go.

It is exhilarating to find a deal. It is nerve wracking at checkout hoping that you do everything right. It does require some time and organization. It is a hobby and a skill.

I believe it's a great way to save money and help out my family. I believe it's teaching me how to make my meal plans based on sales. I also believe that you have to do it in moderation (just like everything else in life).

I'll leave you with a picture of my latest shopping trip. All the details will be posted under the extreme couponing tab at the top of my site. You can do this and still be a NORMAL person!

4.6.11 - Publix

Total Value: $77.01
Total Spent:$29.51
Total Saved: $47.50

(I'm aware it's nowhere near as impressive as the show, but I do think it's a bit more realistic.)


  1. i completely missed the show, but i sooo need to get better at couponing. it just takes soo much time lol

  2. Well i recorded the show...but now im thinking maybe i shouldnt watch it and just come shopping w you instead


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