Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ethan? Is that you?

Lately I've found myself thinking "Who is this baby?".
Things haven't been normal around here lately. Nap times last about 30 minutes if I am able to get him down at all, bedtime has been pushed back at least an hour or two, and finger foods are getting tossed to the dog.

Yesterday I thought my almost 9 month old had been replaced with a two year old with the temper tantrums he was throwing. We had a scream fest at Publix when I had to take the electronic pen away, a melt down in Target when I wouldn't let him stand up in the cart, and he even tried to throw himself over the edge of the stroller at Hobby Lobby when I wouldn't let him have my phone.

I felt the red heat of embarrassment crawling up my neck for the first time when it came to Ethan. I found myself asking "God? What have I done....where is my child?" "Is this really suppose to be starting NOW?" I thought I had awhile before we got to this temper tantrum thing. I'm unprepared.

Every time we get to a phase where things are weird like this I's gotta be teething...and it never is. People look in his mouth and say "Nope, nothing there!". Damn. Just another baby phase I guess. There is no rhyme or reason. Mommy is wrong again.

So I've held my tongue this go around. "It's just a phase" "It's just a phase" "It's just a phase". Maybe this is just part of him getting older.

Yesterday, however, I noticed something else. His cheek was red, in fact, I suddenly remembered that it had been red at times the past several days. I tried to look inside of his mouth and every time I got near he clamped it shut. No way, no how was I getting in without a fight.

So, after dinner I started a mini (happy) screaming contest between him and me. He laughed and laughed and then, I finally saw it. He had a swollen gum line and there was even a little slit where a tooth is trying to pop through.  

Finally! It has happened.

He won't be a toothless baby after all!

And hopefully, all this temper tantrum, non sleeping business will pass soon.


  1. Yes teething will make you question, "Is this my life from here on out?" Ugh it stinks! Hopefully once this one comes up you'll have a break and then it will start once again! What we have 2 years of this? HELP!

  2. You poor thing!!! My daughter didn't have a single tooth break through her gums until after her first birthday. I truly did think she was going to be all gums forever! :o)

  3. Some days I'm not sure who teething affects more. Baby or mama. It sure can be rough! At least you figured out what was up with him!

  4. Teething is the worst! I hope it passes quickly and your sweet baby returns.

  5. Sorry about the temper tantrums! I keep thinking the teething thing over here too, but have yet to see anything!

  6. We have had alot of days like this lately and they seem to come for like 2 days and then be gone. I guess that is how long it takes for the tooth to break through? It is so embarrassing , but also my doc said now is the time to dicipline so I have been trying that and it has worked pretty well! These babies always keep us guessing! Congrats on the tooth!

  7. Came over from Jenna's :) Teething is a NIGHTMARE. My daughter is almost 10 months old and she got seven in two months. She just now got her eighth today. I am hoping we get a break before she starts getting her molars!


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