Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obligatory Halloween Post

So, these past two Halloween's have been total busts. Weather and sickness have pretty much nixed any sort of October fun. It's at moments like these that I am thankful for not being creative enough to make my kids costumes. I would be crying buckets of tears.

"Mama, I want to be a tractor man."

I'm pretty sure my kid is the only kid in America that, at the age of 3, thinks dressing up in costume is some ridiculous form of torture. I literally had to MAKE him keep it on to go to his Halloween school party.

I threatened that if he didn't wear it he would be the only one un-costumed. You know, because I like to encourage the "go with the group" mentality. They jump, you jump. I will be a total hypocrite in his teen years. Parenting is tricky.

Oh, and I might have mentioned candy…

Meanwhile, tonight whether the tornado like winds and rain arrive or not, I will be doing a happy dance because October (the month of sickness, cancelled parties and cancelled trips) is over!

Watch out October, next year…I'm going to totally dominate you.

Click the "Like" button. Tonight I'll be sure to post a pic of Jack in his very first costume...


  1. Despite it all, he totally pulled off the pirate gig!

  2. I know Nolan acts like it was torture at first too, but finally liked dressing up! Ethan looks super cute!


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