Monday, January 26, 2009

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. I've discovered that no matter who is coming over to my house for a weekend stay, I will always be panicky the day of and my husband will be suffering from my crazy need for everything to be perfect.

2. Friday nights are depressing to be alone. I need to find a project to keep me occupied immediately.

3. Homemade cakes ARE the best. Check out the recipe for Italian Cream Cake I made per Michael's request (okay well second request).

4. Apparently it's okay to serve cloudy water at a nice restaurant (and when I say cloudy, I mean you can't see through the other side of the glass). Also, it's okay to serve the bread after the entrees are delivered. Hence the reason I agree with this post by Bella.

5. Some people really love pantyhose.

6. You really shouldn't supress everything that bothers you because it makes your heart start to race and it's hard to breath. Also apparently this is not a heart attack and it can't be stopped by taking Bayer asprin.

7. Buying a puppy can initally be expensive. We have now spent more than we paid for the dog on all the stuff it "needs".

8. Last Chance Harvey isn't really worth paying to see in the movie theater.

9. My F.I.L. will always find something that we need to fix in our house and will constantly worry about our electric bill, but he only has the best of intentions.

10. It's a great idea to make sure you have all the ingredients you need for baking BEFORE you start making it. Also sometimes you do have to ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar.


  1. I am the same way about having people stay at our house. I won't let my husband even sit on the couch because I am afraid he will mess up the pillows before they get there. It's funny though because by the time they leave at the end of the weekend our house is a mess because we've had so much fun!

  2. I think your Friday nights should now be spent running around in your pantyhose playing with the new puppy and baking cakes from scratch while you shout out loud all the stuff that you've been keeping bottled up inside for too long. How can you get lonely doing THAT?!

  3. It seems as though you had a pretty eventful weekend and productive with all that learning you did. I also am trying the cake recipe even though I don't bake. Why not.

  4. Haha, I've def. asked my neighbor for sugar. I'm so silly when it comes to baking and ingredients!

  5. Lindsey: Thanks!

    Sassy and Classy: I'm glad I'm not the only crazy haha

    Sassy Britches: YOU MADE MY DAY lol

    Just Playing Pretend: Good luck with the cake! Let me know if I can be of any assistance haha. BTW you have to beat the eggs for a very long time to get stiff peaks!

    Classy in Philadelphia: I had all but 1/4 a cup.

  6. I always start baking something and then realize I'm missing something small but important, like vanilla. It sucks. :)

  7. You should spend Fridays throwing water balloons at people from your rooftop.

  8. Ahem.... I love pantyhoes. LOL

    And really? CLoudy water??? That cloudy? That's scary!!! You didn't drink that did you?

    I love this post, Laura!

  9. Yeah, why don't we all tip them for their anthrax water with a sidedish of attitude?

    There is nothing like a little panic attack to kickstart the weekend. Relax, love.

  10. Why do they call it pantyhose?..

  11. Miss Marie: Yes, it does

    Cheryl: haha, yeah that could provide me with some great entertainment - then I'll be the crazy lady everyone avoids and whispers about. And as to why they are called pantyhose...I have no idea. We should research it!

    Maki: Heck no we didnt drink it! We sent those puppies back haha.

    Bella: Good question! And yes, I will try to relax.

  12. cloudy water? ewwww

    caught some flack for your pantyhose rant, huh? LOL, thats funny.

    Im with you on the ingredient thing. have you ever had to borrow flour? tres embarrassing!

  13. #4 - ewwww.
    #10 - i've done that more times than i care to count. you'd think i would learn after the 3rd or 4th time, but nope.


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