Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

This was a year of firsts as far as Halloween goes. Of course it was Ethan's very first halloween. He lucked out with two little pumpkin outfits.

He didn't really enjoy taking all the pictures though. In fact we didn't even get a good whole family picture with Lola included...maybe next year!

It was also a first year that we decided to paint pumpkins and not use the little easy carve kits....we probably should revert back! Honestly time was very limited and I have to say this is not our best work! But hey, we are doing good to have pumpkins at this point!

This was also the first year we lived somewhere that actually had trick-or-treaters. I can't tell you how many years I've waited for this! We had about 112 (yes, I counted). Unfortunately I over bought on candy and have plenty of left overs which needs to be gotten rid of ASAP!

Ethan actually did hang out on the porch with us while we handed out candy to show off his cute little outfit. He was wide eyed the whole time! He loved it!

 Can't wait till next year when he can actually participate!


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