Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just A Swinging

My baby loves to swing. In fact, most of the times, it's the only thing that makes him happy. We have been suffering from vicious hiccups lately and Ethan hates them! They frustrate him to no end and the only relief he can find is by sitting up and hello...the swing is perfect for that.

I'm starting to find that baby books are the enemy. There will always be one or two that tell you that whatever you are doing is harmful to your child. Even letting them swing. Apparently according to one book they should swing no longer than an hour a day for 30 minutes at a time! I would be completely embarrassed to tell you how much time a day he actually swings. He has *gasp* even slept there some at night because it was the only place that made him happy....even happier than in my arms (yes, I do hold him - I don't use the swing as a crutch...ok sometimes I do, but mostly no).

According to previously mentioned is hard on their lungs to sit up...I can see that I guess. Thankfully my swing has reclining options so I think I'm safe.

Baby books lead to self books are the enemy. With that said...I still feel the need to collect them all and compare...sometimes mommy just doesn't have the answers *sigh*.


  1. i'm all about ....'whatever makes your child sleep is fine by me' rule! haha

    as for swings...i have vertigo so badly that i'd puke just watching the little bugger sleep! :o( haha

  2. Okay Momma, lets talk. You are the mom. Let the boy sleep. If he sleeps in a swing, so be it! When Eme was crazy-crazy fussy at night the last few weeks with a cold, she couldnt lay down in her crib (b/c of her stuffy nose), so she slept some stretches in her swing...and she was 5.5 months old! Seriously. Its okay. I have a swing-kid too ;)

    Oh, and baby books are the devil.

    OHHH and one more thing. Get some gripe water. That stuff is amazing. Takes away their hiccups 9/10 times in seconds. In fact, we used it so much in the begining we were buying a bottle every 2 weeks. We even use it still! E hates hiccups and gets them constantly even still.

    Go buy it, now! (babies r us...drugstore...etc)

  3. oh the swing is a total lifesaver in our house! too cute!


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