Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day (Im)Perfection

Hello everyone! Hope your Valentines Day was extra special. Until Sunday I thought Valentines Day was actually on Tuesday (today). Oops. I had special plans of making heart shaped brownies and decorating them with yummy icing, making Michaels favorite meal of Weeknight Enchiladas, and making homemade cards from Ethan and I.

Well.....things didn't go as planned. I hadn't made brownies in probably years honestly and I totally forgot how crumbly they are....so much for the cookie cutter idea.

My card making skills need some work (Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts here I come) and Michael decided to surprise me of getting home early. Love it but between that and Ethan having a needy day....dinner didn't happen.

So, I welcomed Michael home in my yoga pants, unwashed hair, and makeup less face. We took a walk, had some brownies and ordered Chinese. It was perfect all the same....it was us.


  1. I thought Valentines Day was today also. We are celebrating it tomorrow!

  2. AWWWWW how sweet! Ive never tried to cookie cut my brownies...it looks tricky! Then again...it still tastes good no matter what!!! :)


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