Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Horomones Attack

Lately I have been feeling not so much like myself. After much thought I have determined that my horomones are going a little crazy. Last month my body decided to try to return back to normal after I quit nursing and I think it has taken it's toll.

My hair is falling out like crazy, mother natures monthly gift seems to be never ending at this point, I feel like I could physically explode at any moment, and any little comment could send me flying off the handle. I am not myself and I'm starting to believe my birth control is the culprit.

Over the years I've tried several different types and for some reason none of them seem to agree with me. Finally after being off of it for over a year, I finally felt like a normal person...well I was pregnant, but hormonally I felt more at ease. Was it the pregnancy horomones or was that the real me?

I'm hoping it was the real me...I'm not liking this hormonal crazy me that has suddenly reappeared. It's exhausting. I find myself always attempting to fight urges to let people have a piece of my mind and when I lose that fight I find myself doing a lot of apologizing.

I'm over it. I think I'm going to kick birth control to the curb and try something else. I'm really hoping it all goes well and no little suprises show up too soon if you know what I mean. I love my little bundle of joy and imagine more quite often but yikes I still haven't physically recovered from this one!


  1. I've never been able to do hormonal birth control either. Migraines and insanity prevail when I try. As do babies. Because I'm so freakishly fertile, that the ONE time hubs and I didn't use a condom, three of my children were conceived. ONE TIME.

    Now you're scared. Sorry. Lol

  2. I went off of it in September and haven't had a single migraine since (I was having 2-3 a week for years). According to my husband, I am a little more "balanced" these days, too. Aka-no more random crying fits, less out of control whacky hormones, etc. I hope you feel better!!

  3. i think about the impact birth control has on my emotions and other health aspects, and it makes me nervous. I hope you get some peace from all your frazzle!


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