Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Taste of the West

I got my very first taste of the west today when I looked up from my Kindle on the plane today and the largest mountain I have ever seen just about smacked me in the face. I do not have a decent picture of it yet, but don't worry, tomorrow we are going to visit it and I'm sure you will hear all about it.

The landscape here in Wyoming is absolutely breath taking and I have to say we are having the most amazing weather. It was 70 degrees here when we arrived, there's not an ounce of  humidity, and the air definitely holds that crispness of fall that I have been longing for.

It is more than refreshing after the summer we have had in Tennessee.

After we settled into our condo, we hit the grocery store to load up on supplies. That would be where we encountered our first REAL cowboy. Anyone can wear a flannel work shirt, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat, but only a real cowboy carries his large leather wallet in the side of his boot. I'm pretty sure the other boot had a gun in it, but that could be my imagination talking.

A long day of traveling always calls for a beer right? There are several brewing companies based out of Montana and being good travelers we decided to try out the local drink. We bought a variety pack and the first beer up for the test was Moose Drool.

It was much better than the name suggests, or so I assume. I've never encountered a moose, much less it's drool. It even had cute little sayings under the beer caps. It was a winner and I'm not even that adventurous when it comes to beer. I usually like them light, cold, and more specifically I like them to be Bud Light. So this darker beer was a pretty out there choice for me.

Next we drove down into the "city" of Jackson Hole to find something to eat. There were numerous shops and after walking into a few of them we discovered we were in a much more affluent place than we had originally thought. Apparently we are "roughing it" in the number 5 city for art, with $30/plate meals, $650 beaver skin hats, and $10K rugs. 

We finally found a decently priced restaurant to dine at called The Bunnery  where we partook of our very first Buffalo Burgers. 

It was easily the leanest meat I had ever put in my mouth. While it tasted it wonderful, it paled in comparison to a big juicy burger in my book. There's nothing wrong with a little grease every now and then or maybe that's just my Southern roots talking?

But the real reason we came to this restaurant was because I heard it had the best desserts. I immediately eyed the Raspberry Truffle Cake on the menu and was sold. I thought I was about to be disappointed when the waitress told me they were running low and she would have to go check the basement to see if they had more. 

Wait. Basement?

Oh yeah, of course, that's where you age your fine wines...and cakes? 

Turns out that's where the bakery is and let me just say they do turn out some very fine cakes!

The boys got impatient with my photography...

Worth every last calorie I tell you!


  1. I heart cowboys...I'm very jealous :)

  2. yum! make sure you get a picture with a real cowboy. :) i am sure that you won't regret it.

  3. That's so funny you had Moose Drool! We were at a wine/beer tasting even last night and it was there! I had never heard of it, and now I've seen it twice in 24 hours!

  4. everything looks amazing! i've only driven through the state but it was so beautiful.


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