Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January is My Christmas

January first fills me with a level of energy and excitement that just isn't present the rest of the year. I wait in anticipation for it to arrive probably as soon as the fall weather hits the south each year. 

To me January means new hope. I get excited about planning the next year and getting my house back in order after a hectic holiday season. My mind goes into overload with all the things I've been putting off since the holiday season began. It's a time to implement new systems, goals and ideas that will get our family's year started off on the right foot. 

It's time to hunker down, say no to "extra" activities and just focus on us, our family of three. And maybe, that's why I like January the most. I try to schedule as little as possible during this month as far as extended family and friends go. I like to be a home body the month of January. Hunker down and tear my house apart so that we can start anew. 

I'm hoping to share some of my organizational tips and tricks throughout this first part of the year. Yep, I'm going to go ahead and say this process will take through March. Things I used to get done in a week now take me months thanks to my precious little guy and I know you all understand that one! In order to make this process more effective I'm going to ask you all a simple question.....What is your biggest organizational challenge? Do you need help meal planning, with your finances, filing paperwork, cleaning out your closet, storing toys? I can't do it for you but I can share my tips if I have any!


  1. I feel the same way! Our January is starting to pile up because we have SO many family birthday's, and it is giving me anxiety because I need to get organized and not feel like a crazy person!
    I would love to get any and all organizational ideas!!! I have a pretty good system (when I have some time!) but am always open for new tricks/ideas. Such a great plan!!!

    Hope your Christmas/holiday was wonderful!!!

  2. I told my hubby yesterday that we weren't doing spring cleaning we were doing winter cleaning because I am dying to get our house in order! The top things on my to-do list is our closet and our office! Two things I hate that are both a complete mess right now! Can't wait to see some of your tips and tricks. Happy New year!

  3. Storing toys! We have a sort of living room turned playroom in the front of the house and need a way to make it play friendly but also eye friendly. It's the first room you see when you walk in the front door!

  4. I need to learn from you. I always find myself in such a funk in January. I attribute it to the weather. Last year was THE worst. This year, I have a few things to look forward to throughout the month, so I am determined to not let the blahs get the best of me. I also have a number of organizational goals to accomplish as well (many of which I've already checked off the list!) GO ME!

  5. Ahhhh- someone who sees January like I do! I definitely need to find a better way to organize toys because my girls have way too many since that seems to be the easiest thing to buy toddlers for the holidays ;)

  6. I feel the same way about January! I feel so energized after taking some down time around the holiday and ready to tackle projects! I'm excited for your organizational tips! I am pretty organized myself, but what I'm finding I have to constantly re-organize is my pantry! Tips on how to keep it organized with all that I'm stocking up on would be helpful :)


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