Thursday, January 19, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

I've been moving slowly on my reorganization this January. With a little one, I just can't do things as fast as I use to and I've just come to terms with the fact that I'll have to do everything little by little. I decided to make over the laundry room on a whim. I walked in one day and just realized how depressing the room was and immediately started ripping down the wire shelving....after taking before pictures of course!


Our laundry room is the room we come home to since it is located right off the garage. The previous homeowner had it painted a very dark color making the room appear even smaller than it already is.

I'll admit that these pictures reflect a much more cluttered laundry room than normal, but there was no way I was cleaning it just for a before photo! The wire shelving had to go. It drives me batty. I like to be able to slid hangers across a rod!

We use to have to squeeze through when we came home. Our dryer sat about 6 inches away from the wall thanks to major lack of common sense on the contractors part when this home was built. 

I loved having easy access to my "everyday" (and I use that term loosely) cleaning supplies, but I hated that they were so visible! Ok, let's move on to the afterwards...enough of this mess!


You can see that I replaced the wire shelving with wooden shelving. I also raised the shelf so I could hang more clothes (we hang dry a lot of clothes around here!). I painted the room a very light blue (Olympia, Elusive Blue if you are wondering). I also googled ways to get the dryer closer to the wall and found this little contraption at Lowes that was a life saver! So easy to install I did it myself! 

Once the dryer was moved, I was able to squeeze in this cabinet that the previous homeowner had left I us. I painted it white and put all of my "everyday" cleaners in it along with trash bags and cleaning rags. I put the laundry basket on top so I could easily toss clothes into it from the dryer!

I hung a wooden curtain rod (really it's just a painted dowel rod) for extra hang drying space. I got rid of all the mismatched hangers (a pet peeve of mine) and left only the white and wooden ones.

I also hung this towel rack on the back of the door to help hang dry pants...told you, we do a lot of hang drying around here!

I used the plastic containers I already owned, but relabeled them to make them match the space. I found the chevron pattern on Pinterest and made my own labels in Pages. Now all of my cleaners are officially out of sight!

I put a small shelf above the washer so I could have easy access to laundry supplies. I'm not thrilled with the basket I currently have (I repurposed it from our closet) but hopefully I'll find something a little better soon. I put a piggy bank to catch change when I go through pockets.

We already had the ironing board hanging behind the door, but I thought I'd show you the cute cover I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

The laundry room is also our mudroom. My dad and Michael built this unit for me last year so we would have an organized dumping ground for coats, purses and shoes. I love it! In fact, I had them build it as a separate piece so we could take it with us when we move!

So much brighter and cleaner. Now that's a room I don't mind coming home to!

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  1. omg, i love everything about it! You did such an amazing job. so organized, clean, and classy looking. great job!

  2. Looks great! My laundry room is on the the to do list this year. It is OUT OF CONTROL.

  3. Oh lala. I love all the organization and those labels are so fun!!

  4. Looks great!
    I love organization posts!
    Your basket labels are so cute.

  5. Wow! It does look brighter and like one might actually want to spend some time in there. Ok, so no one really wants to spend time doing laundry, but it now looks bearable! I love that you have enough room to include a mud room aspect. Our laundry room connects to the garage like that but we have room for the machines and doors. That's it!

  6. It looks so good!! I know that must feel so refreshing to have that room organized!

  7. It looks great! I hate mis-matched hangers, too. So much to buy for the new house :)

  8. i love, love, LOVE it!! I cannot wait to remodel our laundry room. It currently sits off the finished basement and is studs and framing! this makes me want to throw some dry wall up there like, tomorrow! ;)

  9. Lady you did an amazing job! I'm also in the process of remodeling ours. I am not sure when that's going to get done though. Love your organizational skills!

  10. This looks amazing! My laundry room is sadly overlooked. I can't stand looking at it! This post is inspiring :)

  11. that seriously looks amazing! Great job and I love the paint color choice!


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