Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm So Not Cool

I didn't think this would happen for several more years, but kid thinks I'm uncool. 

Yep. At the ripe age of 23 months my first born has decided to toss me to the curb like yesterday's newspaper. 

Daddy is the cool one now. And I get it...he's a pretty cool guy. Ethan is all boy these days. He wants to help daddy fix things, play with trucks, get in the mud, know...guy stuff. And who better than to do all those things with than daddy right?

But, the kid won't even hold my hand in public anymore if Daddy is around. Not only does he refuse to hold my hand, but he acts like I have some sort of viral disease that might just kill him if I so much as touch him. He will, in fact, collapse on the floor in typical two year old tantrum fashion. 

Diaper changes in the morning have become a battle of wills. He screams for Da-Da who has left for work and will refuse to let me change his diaper. Apparently he needs this 10 plus minutes of mourning to accept the fact that only mama will be around.

Photos of me and my boy? Forget it! If mommy is in the picture he will have nothing to do with it. 

Case and point...he was all sunshine and lollipops until mommy snuck in the scene.

This week though?

Daddy's out of town. 

(Insert evil laughter)

It's full on mommy time kiddo. And guess what? Instead of throwing massive fits,  he is actually showing me some love. 

He's asking me to sit with him. He gives me random hugs. He held my hand at the park and has acted as if he might actually need me from time to time for something other than fetching his milk. 

It's been refreshing.

I know deep down he still loves his mommy, and I'm totally cool with him having his daddy phase. I guess a part of me knows that our days of just mommy and E are numbered  and that's the part that gets to me the most.

Today I soaked up all the E time I could get. I even sat with him in the hot car for a good 30 minutes after we got back from the park as he practiced his driving skills. (No one call was turned off, no keys even in sight)

Did you know that wearing your sunglasses upside down was all the rage? 
Apparently I missed that memo.
 No wonder I've been losing cool points. 

He insisted I sit in the passenger seat and make sure all the doors were closed. We opened and closed the garage door, practiced our turn signals, flashed our hazards and turned the volume way up n our imaginary radio (aka me..singing the ABC's). My little chauffeur even handed me an extra pair of shades to put on (upside down of course) as we cruised away. 

I must admit, I've got one pretty cool son and all that coolness is hard to keep up with. I'm sure I'll have my glory days again sometime, but for now I'm soaking up what little mommy loving I get while daddy is away. 

Although it hasn't completely hit me yet, I know that our little world is about to be rocked with a new addition and my time is going to be spread a little thinner. I know everyone says that there will just be more love to go around and I know that's true, but part of me wonders if I'll be able to juggle it all to everyones satisfaction.

These past couple of days haven't been the easiest without the hubs around, but I've enjoyed being the star of Ethan's little world again. These toddler days are rough on a mom, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. His crazy antics are what keeps my world spinning. 


  1. I'm glad I'm not alone. Connor is 25 months and I lost my cool card about 3 months ago with him. In fact, we had a 'family' photo session on Saturday and it was basically a daddy/Connor photo session - he would NOT let my husband put him down. When I tried to take him to give my husband some relief, he screamed at the top of his lungs which is so unlike him. It makes me quite sad, but I'm glad he's enjoying his daddy. For the first year of his life he didn't want anything to do with anyone but I guess he's evening things out! And I must admit, it's nice to have a little bit of a break!

  2. We have our "daddy only" moments around here too! I'm glad you're getting some "mommy love" this week because let's face's like a drug! We are so into playing in the car too but you're a better momma than me sitting in there for 30 minutes!

  3. Eva is like this too! Ever since he got home from his trip it's DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! For the first time in her life, she's even been asking for him to put her to bed!

  4. hahahah, I can relate at times! The other day we were going for a walk and Eme goes, "No mommy, leave! Me and daddy go alone!"




    My heart.

  5. my son has ALWAYS been a daddy's boy! He will hold daddy's hand freely anytime, cuddle with daddy....not with mommy! Even wipes my kisses off! And he's only 3! He's been doing that since about 2!!!!

  6. Oh no, I am not looking forward to the daddy phase either and I have a feeling we're getting close! I bet it has been nice spending some time just the two of you this week! As for adding to the family, I have no doubt you'll do great juggling everyone's needs. Just don't forget about your own, a happy mama makes a happy family :)

  7. e goes through stages like this far too often. i hear "no! let daddy do it!" more times a day than i can count. oh well.. i guess my time will come again one day!


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