Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Life in Pictures - Something on My Table

"The purpose of this photo challenge project is to encourage you to pick up your camera and start capturing details of your life. This project should also serve as a way to look at what others are finding to shoot and will hopefully keep you inspired to look for more moments in your life you wouldn't always think to capture with your camera."

"Something on My Table"

Dinner is on the table. My husband and I are guilty of eating most of our meals on the coffee table in front of the T.V., but some nights we decide to have family dinner at the kitchen table. I have out my absolute favorite spring place mats that I got as a wedding gift.

Dessert anyone? In my candy dish on my side table you will find the Cadbury mini eggs. They are what I look forward to every Easter season. Confession: This is our fourth bag....

And on the coffee table, you will find a pewter tray filled with Citrus potpourri and candles. I love the green it is so springy and smells so clean.


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS! Yes, that was me yelling in all caps.

    P.S. Your dinner looks fab. Do you have an extra place setting for little 'ole me?

  2. Love your table shot. Your table is so much more stylish than mine! Ours is almost always full of random folded laundry, newly purchased items I haven't put away yet, little kids' fingerprint smudges... Someday I will have placemats too, right? A gal can dream.

  3. The baked potato looks so good! And I love the mini eggs. It's OK to eat as many as you want because it's just a seasonal thing, right :)

  4. Love those eggs! They are so delish! Your pictures are fantastic. Love the ones on the side of your blog too!

  5. Those eggs better still be there when I come up next weekend!!!

  6. Oh Cadburry eggs, they get me through March and April.

  7. Those Cadburry eggs are my FAVORITE candy of all seasons. I wish they made them all year.


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