Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Little Piece of Paradise

One of my most favorite places in the house is my bathroom. It's nothing spectacular, but it's mine. After sharing a tiny bathroom in our old town home, Michael and I decided it would be in our relationships best interest to have our own bathrooms from there on out.There is just something wonderful about being able to get ready in peace and quiet.

It takes me quite a while to get ready in the mornings due to what Michael likes to call "the process". I watch the news or the food network while I'm getting ready and sometimes I just think. I enjoy the pampering process of getting ready. I like playing with all the different eye colors I have when time allows and just the wonderful feeling of having a freshly cleaned face.

Let's just say, the bathroom is my sanctuary.

Or I should was until the 5 pounds of terrier terror took over. Now it is mostly a place where I step in pee, trip over toys, and get attacked. My counter is now covered with paper towels and floor cleaners. My straightener cord has been chewed to where the inner wires are exposed and my toilet has been blocked by a crate and a trash can that now has to be kept off the floor. And now instead of perfume and lemony fresh cleaning scents I get to enjoy the stench of stale pee.

My "process" is not as enjoyable as it once used to be and I absolutely can not wait till I get my little piece of paradise back.

**Probably should have mentioned that my bathroom is where Lola stays during the day so it is really "her room". Sorry for leaving out that tid bit of information...obviously my blogging skills need some brushing up lol!**


  1. Eeek. How long must you wait to get it back?!

    Wait, why not close the door? I'm confused.

  2. I too am a bathroom lover! It's the only room inour house with a lock and you can hide-out there for a while before anyone notices you're gone!! X

  3. i wish me and the boyfriend had seperate bathrooms.. I cant stand all his lil hairs after he shaves or cuts his hair.

  4. Separate bathrooms is the key to a great relationship! lol...

    PS - head over to my blog, I have something for you :)

  5. Haha! Dogs do have a way of taking over!

  6. Thats so me too. I love all that stuff and definitely have a "process". That is a great idea to have 2 separate bathrooms. Will DEF keep that in mind wen I get married! lol

    My puppies used to dig all my tampon applicators and toilet paper out of the bathroom trash and shred them up around the house! ewwww.

  7. I'm sorry that the dog took over.

  8. Wow. I need a process like you. I usually just stumble around and put on the first thing my hand hits when I open the closet door.

    Hat = good hair day.

    Clearly, I was raised by a single dude.

  9. Ooooh, I wish the bathroom was mine! We have a guest bathroom but it's on the other side of the house (ok, it's probably like 20 steps away) and it's smaller. Maybe I can convince my other half to use that. Hmmmm....

  10. So I'm getting a dog as soon as school is out for the summer because then I will have three months to dedicate to dog training love and attention. Since your a new puppy owner I think I'm gonna come to you with questions and some pointers. Just keep that in mind. :)

  11. I'm playing the Blog Roll game today, searching for new blogs to add to my Google Reader...found you that way. That's too funny about Lola. Also, good choice on the vacation location change, although I've heard there is some crime in Jamaica too so be careful.I guess it's a good thing I don't live @ the AZ/Mexico border anymore.

  12. once the animals take over a room, it is NEVER the same!!

  13. Poor you. Being a parent certainly has its down side. But at least you don't shower together... Right? It's a dog's life...

  14. I wouldn't much care for the smell of stale pee in my sanctuary either, you poor thing.


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