Friday, December 6, 2013

Chronicles of the Onesie Stickers - (J: Months 10-11)

Thanksgiving really threw me off schedule apparently. I swear I was feeling all ahead of the game until December 1st hit and then just like that I felt like I was so very far behind. Seriously the Christmas cards are in the mail TO ME. Looks like they may be New Years cards at this point. Oh well. 

I've got a couple more Christmas related posts to come, but today I needed to do a little Jack update. Ya'll….he's going to be ONE in 8 days! What?!? I don't think it's hit me yet. Honestly, I'm pretending it's not happening until January which is when we will be having his party. 


Oh Jack, I am a terrible slacker when it comes to these monthly posts. We are just a few short days away from your first birthday. I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought you home. 

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You have been nothing but an angel since birth. Other than the constant colds that have plagued you this year, you have been nothing but a dream baby. You are constantly happy, sleep through the night, take one nap a day and are always so content. You love cuddling and I still get those glorious moments where you fall peacefully asleep on my chest. 

You are so ready to walk. You glide easily along furniture, frequently stand up on your own and do awesome with us holding one hand. We are just waiting on you to get up the nerve then I know you will be off on new adventures. While Ethan was into everything, you are more of a sit and figure things out kind of kid. You love putting objects in containers, you are starting to stack things and are curious as to how all things work. 

You are wearing 12 month clothing, some 12-18 months as well. You weigh about 21.5 pounds and are measuring around 28 inches. Your head is in the 98th percentile, weight in 48th and height is around 6th. We've upped your formula amount in hopes of you lengthening out. I'm not worried though. You eat more than I do at times and besides your length you seem to have taken off everywhere. In fact your feet have grown 2 sizes in the last 2 months! 

You and Ethan are super sweet together. You love, love, love playing in his room and he enjoys waking you up every morning. This morning he ran up to give you a big hug and declared you his best friend. I have high hopes for you two!

Your favorite things include: bananas (which you ask for every morning), chasing and throwing balls, bath time, Christmas lights and the Row Your Boat song.

Here's a little live action…

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  1. I seriously can't believe he's going to be one! That is just crazy talk!


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