Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jackson's 1 and Thoughts on More...

**This will probably be my last post until after Christmas so I can take a break and enjoy time with my family. I hope you and yours have a very wonderful holiday! In the meantime you can keep up with our fun here and/or here.**

So, I know I haven't mentioned this yet on the blog, but I HAVE A ONE YEAR OLD?!? How did this happen? Truly. I'm stunned at how fast babyhood passed by this time. 

I shouldn't really say "passed by". It was savored. It just went quicker than I would have liked. While I know he still is baby-ish at this point, the (and I use this term very loosely) experienced mama in me knows that in fewer than 6 months he will most certainly be exhibiting all the toddler traits. It will be an exciting time for sure, but I will miss babyhood. 

Since I just posted his 11 month update 10-ish days ago, there really isn't much to report…except that this happened just last night.

While I didn't exactly encourage it, I am so excited for Jack to be walking now. I have been waiting for the day that my two boys can run around the house together and really play on more of an even field. I know that the even-ness is still really some time off now, but we are getting closer right? These two kids are quite a pair and love each other so much. Just the other night, Jack crawled over to Ethan and gave him the biggest hug. Sweetest.thing.ever!

Jackson has been such an easy baby and seeing the two boys together only makes this mama want more. Seriously…I need another baby. Chest snuggles and chubs…well my babies are never chubby…and sweet giggles and newborn smells. Please don't tell me it's over forever! Michael on the other hand is having a mild heart attack, but no worries, God-willing we will be having at least one more. 

While the thought of additional mess makers does scare me somewhat, I have started to see how the transition from two to three might not be as, should I say, shocking? scary? as it was going from one to two. Mama's of three or more…am I right or just living in a crazy delusional, hormonal, sad that my baby just turned one world? On second thought…just let me stay there. It's probably better that way.

Tidbits about Jack: He is a true Christmas baby and is loving all things Christmas-y. Besides mama, dada and lola; he can now say tree, star and this. He loves, loves, loves Christmas lights and in fact we went on a little Christmas light walk as a way to celebrate his actual b-day. His party…well…that will be in January since this mama can't handle Christmas and birthday planning all at the same time.

This first year has been wonderful. I am sad to see it go, but I am looking forward to what's to come. I can't wait to see more of Jackson's personality revealed and more adventures with two!

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  1. Ah! That last picture is the best ever. Happy 1st Birthday, Jackson!

    I have so much trouble admitting that I'll have one of those (one of THOSE -- a one year old) in just 3 months. HOW? Seriously. How? Quickest year ever. :(


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