Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Home Tour

I have to say this is the first year in a long, long time that I have truly enjoyed the Christmas season. Truth be told, in the past I've been a Grinch. I can't point directly to one reason, but I'd say a big contributing factor is that Christmas is super speedy. I like to take my time in everything I do. I like to give creativity my all and Christmas certainly calls for creativity. I also like to check all the boxes. Do every fun Christmas activity, bake, cook, incorporate every tradition, but sometimes, all of that just turns into pressure and exhaustion. So this year, I gave myself a pep talk before Halloween even rolled around. I would not be a Grinch. I would enjoy the season. Truly enjoy it and try so very hard to not put pressure on myself. 

What's funny is that I've done more than ever before. More crafting, more baking, more fun activities all the while succeeding at not being a Grinch. What was the turning point you ask? Oh wait, you didn't…I'll tell you anyway.

I changed my focus on the season. 

Instead of hating the holiday because of how expensive it is and how ridiculously commercialized it is I shifted my focus to the good. The true reason for the season is Jesus. In fact, I'm not even looking at it as a holiday, it's a birthday and you know I love to throw a birthday party.

I decorated when I felt like it, even if it was the week before Thanksgiving. I baked when I got the notion. Axed traditions that I knew would be too much for me this year like Elf on the Shelf and the "fun" advent calendar…too many daily commitments, too many rules to follow, to many things to "not touch". If I felt stressed…I dropped it. Called it quits. This year is for fun. 

We are fighting Santa's glorified position and trying to teach our awestruck, Christmas bug bitten 3 year old about the true glory. While he is still all presents, Santa and more presents we have made some progress. 

Instead of perfection this year, I'm striving for happy. Merry Christmas to you from us and I hope you too remember the reason for the season! 

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  1. Love it all, Laura! I have to pep talk myself too and calm myself down to not put too much pressure on myself. A couple of years ago I was just about sick to my stomach with all the pressure I put on myself! Where did you get the mini tree in the the glass jar/vase?

  2. I am like you. I haven't enjoyed the Christmas season for a long time. But this year is different. Evry time I get rushed or very helmed by all the busyness I just stop and thank Jesus for coming and it gets me thankful instead of stressed out!

  3. Good for you - Moms put way too much pressure on ourselves to do it all and for it all to be perfect! i have told many other Moms this year - drop all the crap that isn't fun or is a chore to you and just focus on the few that you enjoy most doing with your kids - even ask your kids 'what is your favorite Christmas activity' and just do that!! those will be your child's most precious Christmas memories anyway. You don't want them remembering how you ran around all thru the holidays like a crazy person, right? So relax, have fun and enjoy the holidays!!


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