Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving a Little Slower

The terminal stages of pregnancy are definitely here. My feet and hands are constantly swollen and according to my husband so are my calves (although if you ask me, I think they are just getting a little chubby).

I am constantly reminded to stay off my feet and believe me I do. In fact I'm off my feet so much that I would consider myself downright lazy. I really have to force myself to do things these days. Shouldn't I be in hyper speed mode of cleaning and what not?

It's a chore to make myself do anything. It seems I need a 30 minute pep talk to just unload and reload the dishwasher everyday. Pathetic I tell you.

There is really only so much you can do off your feet and it's making me a little stir crazy, so tomorrow I am making myself have a change of scenery. I will be going to my mom's so she can provide me with some entertainment. We might venture out to lunch and possibly swap out a diaper bag. Should be fun times ahead.

I think I'm ready to be un-pregnant. Did I just say that? I swore I would never be the person who said that, but I did. It's happened. I'm ready.


  1. awww, i'm so excited for you Laura! -x-

  2. u and me both...except that I am in overdrive and have been staying up late or waking up early to clean...but I hear u on the pep talks...


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