Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Last Week of Preparation!

This week is all about getting loose ends tied up. Michael and my mom are both out of town at this point so I'm hoping our little guy decides to stay put at least for the next few days.

I have finally finished my thank you notes which took me much longer than I would have liked thanks to big, clumsy pregnant fingers and I have purchased some nursing tanks and bras although who knows if they will really fit once the time comes. It was a total shot in the dark.

Today I am going to try to start deep cleaning the house (better late than never right?) and maybe take my car to get the oil changed and my registration replaced (since stupid me threw out this years instead of last years). I also need to start packing for the hospital or at least getting an idea of what all I'm going to want to take.

Once Michael gets back I'm going to get him to give me a spa day. He is my personal stylist as far as hair dying goes and currently paints my toenails as well since I can't seem to reach them anymore! I also need to get him to clean out the car and put the car seat in.

I've got a few more items I still need to pick up like the very unexciting, but oh so expensive breast pump and possibly an outfit for the little guy for our Christmas card and maybe a fuzzy blanket to take some newborn shots on.

Overall I'm excited because if all goes according to plan I can have my "To Do" list knocked out this week and hopefully have nothing to worry about when the little guy decides to make his appearance!

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