Monday, September 6, 2010

Only 4 More Weeks...

I can't believe that we are a month..well, technically less than a month, away from being parents! In all honesty I really have no idea when he will arrive. For some reason, I keep thinking that he is going to abide by the due date and not come out until Oct. 2nd arrives and no later. I should probably stop thinking like that, but the thought of the complete lack of control in the matter scares me a bit. So maybe I'll go on thinking it. October 2nd. That's the day.

At this point, I feel like I'm between overdrive and a complete stall out. Can you be in both places at once? Well I am. Some days I find myself hurriedly trying to check off things on my to-do list to be completely prepared before baby arrives. Other days, I feel like I'm in denial and try to do anything but baby preparation tasks. For example, I can't decide if it's more important to finish writing all my thank you notes or back up all of my pictures since 2002 on CDs complete with photo cover labels.

Also I'm having a complete panic attack over what we are going to do about food once this baby arrives. I have a list a mile long of things that I need to prepare this week to freeze and have on hand. I even threw a complete temper tantrum over Michael trying to use a jar of spaghetti sauce that is in our "reserve stock". For some reason I have this feeling that I won't be able to leave the house for 2 months and I feel the need to have a meal on hand for every night of that.

Then there are the things that I should really be doing but aren't. Like we still haven't pre-registered at the hospital or even thought about what all we need to take with us. I have 4 weeks right? But what if I don't? I should really get on those things.

Then there are those thoughts that cross my mind exactly do you clean up amniotic fluid if my water breaks at my house. Or worse...who is responsible for cleaning it up if you are in public? I mean how mortifying would that be???? Also...I'd really like to take a shower before going to the hospital. It takes me an exceptionally long time to dry and straighten my hair, but that seems like it's really important. Will I have time for that? What if I only have time to blow dry my hair before we leave and not straighten it? I would look like the bride of Frankenstein and that's really not cool.

I think I'm just getting to that point where I'm realizing that this is really going to happen and for some reason I'm in denial and have been in denial ever since the start of this whole thing. It's mostly because I don't know how to prepare and denial is the way I usually deal with those type of situations.

The nursery is seriously 5% away from being absolutely complete and ready to share with everyone. For some reason I can't force myself to do that last 5%. It would really not take that much time, but I feel like avoiding it. Crazy right?

So that's where I am at this point. Some where between overdrive and stall out. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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  1. Whoaaa 1 month! (or less, because technically one more week and you're full-term, lady!!) That's so exciting, but I can understand how you feel about not knowing when he's going to come. My suggestions would be to get as much done as you can because 1. he could come early and 2. you won't be able to do it after he comes. BUT don't forget to relax, too!!! Since there won't be a lot of that soon, either! :) Definitely go register at the hospital. It'll save you sooo much time when you're actually in labor.

    Glad the nursery is 5% done. We just set up our crib, changing table, and playard. eek! reality, lol Don't worry about the amniotic fluid.... that part made me laugh! And it made me think about how I once read that this woman was in the pickle isle at the grocery store when that happened and so she threw a pickle jar on the floor and had a store employee clean it up :) hehe


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