Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pineapple Anyone?

Have I told you that my Dr. and I don't have the same due date? Well we don't. He has officially stated 9/30 as my due date and I have officially stated 10/2 as my due date. I was told 10/2 the very first visit and I happen to be quite fond of it. For one it's all even numbers and I have a thing about that and two it's the day the new hospital opens....perfect!

So according to my Dr. I am officially two weeks away from said due date. Agh! We went to our Dr.'s appointment today and the head is still down, blood pressures still good...then he checked my cervix. Hello! Why didn't anyone tell me your cervix is basically in your throat....omg....that was uncomfortable and seemed entirely too far up there!

As of right now my cervix is not co-operating. Apparently it hasn't "turned" so there's no exit route for my little guy just yet. My problem now is that next week we will be making a plan. A plan is normally music to my ears, but a plan more than likely means induction at this point and I'd just rather let it happen naturally.

My Dr. has agreed to let me go a week overdue if everything is alright. We would do an ultra sound to make sure the baby isn't getting too big and that there's still enough fluid. I feel like if my cervix still isn't facing the right direction next week then I'm more than likely going to end up having to be induced and would just like to get the scheduling over with. Why am I so sure about this? Well, both Michael and I were close to a month over due as babies ourselves so the odds are against us. So, I'd really like to see some progress happening next week in order to have any hope of not being induced so Michael and I have made our own plan to try and  help things along.

After doing a little bit of research I've found a few options I'd like to try. Apparently there are some food options available that can help progress things such as Red Raspberry Leaf tea, pineapple and spicy food. Also I've read that a warm bath can help relax things as well. And then of course as my Dr. mentioned the the thing we did to get into this situation can also help us get out.

So tonight.......spicy food for dinner, pineapple for dessert, a warm bath with a relaxing cup of raspberry tea followed by some....well....the last piece of advice although it's seriously the last thing I want to do at this point. (TMI? Sorry!)

Maybe with a little bit of luck and a lot of pineapple, my body will be a little more ready next week and we can continue on with our original plan! Wish me luck.


  1. Oh girl I feel your pain. My little bug was 9 days overdue and even the induction didn't get her going, I had to have a c-section. I tried ALL the tricks and sadly nothing worked :-( Try them out b/c I hear some people swear by some of them and maybe they will work for you! Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I hope the pineapple and they spicy food help! One of my friends was born after her Mom went out for some really spicy mexican food and she was overdue by 3 days, so it works sometimes! xo

  3. Good luck!! My due date is not the same as the doctor's either. Originally it was 11/23 because of my last period, but at my first ultrasound they told me 11/26. The doc still has 11/23. I hope you get the progress you're looking for!

  4. Oh, yes. I remember the endtime. We did the intimate part and then took a carride on a bumpy road followed by a entire carton of Haagen Daz coffee ice cream. Kid born that night.

    I wish you well with your delivery. Congratulations.

  5. Just found your blog...we have the same due date...My doctor has down 9/30 but the ultrasound put me at 10/02...I would rather the 9/30...would prefer a September baby...your blog is great...let us know on how the "tricks" work...


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