Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Waiting Game

I'm at that point where my head is spinning with ideas and I'm dying to do something about them all. It's project time for me. I want to reorganize all the closets, buy new dishware, re-do the dining room, paint my living room the happy yellow I've so been missing, and make a million to-do lists.

But now is not the time. There is a big project looming right inside me that I just have to be patient to start. This baby is due any day now....technically 9 days according to me (7 days according to Dr. B). I keep trying to remind myself that this would be the absolute worst time to start any other project.Unfortunately with all these lovely ideas in my head, I'm unable to sleep.

I'm pretty much prepared for the baby to arrive at this point minus the fact that I have yet to fully pack my hospital bag which everyone seems mighty concerned about. I don't know why I haven't done it. I just think it would make me even more stir crazy to sit there and look at it.

Today, I'm heading back to see Dr. B who will hopefully inform me of progress. If there is no progress then I'm pretty sure he's going to want me to schedule a date for induction and well...I just don't want to. I want him to come when he comes....preferably on an even numbered date. I'd like to give him a week, but then after that I would definitely have to be induced and if I had my choice of dates I'd just stick with Oct. 2nd.

But, oh well, what can you do? I might as well wait and worry about it once I get to the appointment and find out if there is any hope he might show up on his own. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. how exciting! you are almost there! I hope everything goes smoothly :)


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