Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Much to Do in So Little Time

This week has been good, but exhausting and it's not over yet. I have officially gone into overdrive and it's a good thing. Stuff is getting accomplished and I'll be so happy once it's finished.

Monday I ended up not being able to sleep and stayed up till 3AM getting the nursery finished. I'm so glad it's completed and I can't wait to give everyone the full tour soon.

Tuesday we pre-registered at the hospital and went to our doctor's appointment. Everything was great, no blood pressure problems and our little guy seems to be growing according to plan. My fears were calmed about induction and C-Section. My Dr. is not a fan of overdue babies...he says they are just as bad as overdue bills. In fact, 50% of his patients end up being induced. I want to at least give it a week past the due date and I think he's willing to work with me on that as long as there are no other problems. My main fear is that it seems to me that induction leads to C-Sections which is my ultimate fear. Good news though. My Dr. says only 8% of his patients end up in C-Sections. That's a huge relief!

Yesterday we took our maternity pictures. I wish I would have done it about a month ago before I was seriously full blown pregnant woman, but all in all I think it went well. We will have to wait and see how the pictures turn out which should be about 3 weeks. Hopefully it will be before our little guy arrives.

Today is a big day. My mom is coming over to help prepare meals to freeze and get all the laundry done. So much has to be washed before the baby arrives! Who knew? I am going to be one exhausted pregnant woman by the end of today. I have about 5 meals I want to prepare because I'm a crazy person who thinks we won't be able to go to the store once we have a baby and the laundry will be getting done somewhere in between all that.

Well, I'm off to start my big day!

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  1. I got induced b/c I was 9 days overdue and mine led to a c-section and it was not bad AT ALL. Honestly I'm really glad with the way things turned out and my recovery has been easy peasy. Maybe that will ease your mind a bit!

    Can't wait to see the nursery!


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