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Here's to getting acquainted in a flash!
In 2004, on the eve of my 20th birthday, a boy named Michael asked me for my last kiss as a teenager. I said no. Two months later we went on our first real date and have been together ever since. 

We both graduated from the University of Tennessee with degrees in business. Go Vols! (Although, I still don't know jack squat about football.) Michael fell in love with his corporate job and I hated mine. In 2009, a positive pregnancy test and upcoming relocation for Michael gave me reason enough to throw away my suit and put on yoga pants. I was officially a stay-at-home-almost-mom unless you count the West Highland Terrier named Lola that we so smartly adopted right before having our first child.

Ethan gave us the brand new titles of "Mama" and "Dada" on October 5, 2010 and changed our lives in every way. Now, a fiercely independent and busy toddler he keeps me on my toes and tests my patience daily. Personality-wise he is the miniature version of me in every way. We share a love for sugar, exasperated sighs and doing exactly what we want to do. Parenting yourself is oddly challenging. 

In 2011 we began trying for baby number two. After a chemical pregnancy in November, we discovered things might be a little more difficult than the first time. Determined to have a baby on my own timing, I flung myself into a Whole Foods Diet, herbal supplements and acupuncture. The day before my 28th birthday (apparently April 9th is a life changing day for me) I discovered I was pregnant with baby number two.

Jackson arrived on December 14, 2012, a perfect carbon-copy of his daddy in every way. He enjoys cuddles, falls asleep easily and is a perfect angel as long as his big brother is around to keep him entertained. Ethan is the best big brother. My heart is filled with joy every day as I watch their little relationship develop.

I write this blog as a form of therapy for myself. I document because life passes by way too fast and I want to remember every moment...even if it isn't pretty. I tend to look at life through realistic eyes. I rant, I rave, I photograph, I write. Until they come up with a font for sarcasm...I'll continue to disclose that I often am.

Pull up a chair, stay awhile and join me while I laugh through the chaos of what life throws my way. 
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