Friday, April 30, 2010

A Post that Includes Way Too Many Exclamation Marks!

Today I am excited about so many things. It's the last day of April and it is beautiful outside! And it turns out, the old saying is true - April showers do bring May flowers! Well...beans and herbs in my case. Take a look!

Bean sprouts

Herb garden

I'm so proud that I got some seeds to sprout up and I'm totally surprised that Lola hasn't eaten them all. There are still some remaining that haven't sprouted yet...we will see if they make it before I give her anymore credit! This weekend I plan on planting some squash, bell peppers, and cucumbers - I can't wait!

Speaking of not being able to wait...we finally scheduled an ultrasound!!! May 13th will be the gender reveal day - YAY! Oh and for those of you who said you needed a frontal shot in order to cast your gender it is!

Please excuse the little red lines...things crease now when I sit. How attractive is that? About as attractive as me in my doggie PJ's...again...please excuse!

After we find out the gender, I will be switching to full on baby mode. I've been putting it off for now to get the house settled like I want it and this will give us plenty of time to finish up our little projects like reorganizing the whole house and redoing two of the closets.

Master closet (that we have to share!) Definitely not working!!!

Bonus room closet (biggest in the house, but shelfless!)

I also have another fun little house project I'm working on and that is fabric!!! My house is in the desperate need of color and accessories. Last week, I went out and found a bunch of fabric samples and have since narrowed them down pretty well. Here are some I picked for the living room curtains...sorry, the pictures of the full fabric are on my phone so use your imagination!

I think I have ruled out the top one, the middle one is my safe zone and the last one is the one I think I'm going to go with to bring in color galore!

Now all I need to do is learn how to sew...wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's to Eat? Wednesday: Dried Cherry Salad

One of my birthday presents was the Fix It and Forget It cookbook for the crockpot. Although the recipe I tried was a miserable fail I did make a successful salad out of the Easy Sides portion of the cookbook.

Dried Cherry Salad

Salad Ingredients

1/2 head of romaine lettuce, chopped

1/2 head of red leaf lettuce, chopped (I just used a bag of butter lettuce)

1/2 red onion, sliced

1 cup dried cherries

1 cup feta cheese

1/3 cup sugar

1 cup pecan halves

Raspberry Dressing Ingredients

4 Tbsp. raspberry vinegar

1/2 tsp. Tabasco sauce

1/2 tsp. salt

4 Tbsp. sugar

pepper to taste

1 Tbsp. chopped parsley

1/2 cup vegetable oil


1. Place lettuces in a large salad bowl. Sprinkle with onion slices, dried cherries, and feta cheese.

2. In skillet, over medium heat, combine 1/3 cup sugar and pecans. Stir constantly until sugar melts and pecans are coated. Immediately pour pecans onto waxed paper to cool.

3. Sprinkle cooked nuts over salad.

4. To make dressing, combine vinegar, Tabasco sauce, salt, 4 Tbsp. sugar, pepper, and parsley in a small mixing bowl. While whisking slowly pour in oil until emulsified. Just before serving, pour over salad.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review: Dry

I have to say I love this book and in fact I think I will probably love anything that Augusten Burroughs writes. If you haven't already read Running with Scissors you need to and you need to read it before you make your way to this book, Dry.

Both books are memoirs and although somewhat tragic, they still hold a wonderful sense of humor. This author has definitely led a very colorful life and he illustrates it beautifully in these two books. Running with Scissors will give you his childhood background, while Dry focuses on his twenties and his recovery from alcoholism.

I related to Dry because it really focuses on him actually having to deal with life instead of turning to alcohol to avoid it. And although I don't hid from my life in alcohol, I feel like we all have our ways of putting things out of minds to avoid focusing on how we really feel about things sometimes.

I highly recommend these two and plan on checking out some of his other books as well in the future.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fears of Motherhood

I have to admit I'm a little scared of how much our lives are going to change once the baby comes. I would like to note that I know that there will be a lot of added joy and happiness and for that I am grateful, but I am also very aware that things will never be the same for Michael and I.

I know that most of me will wonder what we ever did with ourselves before the baby, but a little part of me might also miss what we had before. The freedom that we have now is amazing and let's face it, a lot of that freedom is going to be transformed into responsibility after little Pistachio comes.

I'm not a baby person. I've never babysat and frankly really know nothing about babies. Advanced apologies to little Pistachio as you will be a total experiment. I'm scared of the complete lack of communication (Pistachio not being able to tell us what's wrong, me not being able to verbally explain anything to an infant). I'm scared of the strict schedule a baby requires and wonder if I will be able to do it and do it happily like the baby deserves. I'm also scared of the utter chaos that will most certainly happen in the beginning.

I think that is why I have been in the "We really need to get crap done and fast!" mode lately. I've become very focused on organization and improving the easiness of our overall living in hopes that it will make things a tad bit simpler in the beginning.

I hope that I have the confidence and trust in myself that having a baby requires. I hope that I can provide everything that my baby needs and for the love of God I hope that I do not drop the baby like I dropped Lola when she was a puppy (story here).

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weeks 15 & 16 in Review

How far along: I'm technically 17 weeks now, but I'm reviewing weeks 15 & 16

Total weight gain: 2 pounds...heading back to the doctor next thursday so I'll have a more legit number then. I feel like I've gained at least 10. I think little Pistachio must be growing pretty quickly now. I'm feeling weird growing pains (not really's not painful...more just weird) like I did the first couple of weeks.

Maternity clothes: I have officially broken out the belly band a couple of times. I have one pair of jeans that fit comfortably now with out it, I hate dress pants, and I'm seeing a lot of dresses in my future. At this point though, I'm trying to get by. I figure I'll be growing a lot pretty soon so no reason to waste money on clothes that might not last me.

Sleep: I'm getting plenty of sleep. I still have to get up at least once to pee in the night. Sometimes I lie awake a little bit. I think I just have too many thoughts on my mind right now. I have been trying to practice not sleeping on my back.....let's just say I need more practice.

Cravings: Anything acidic sounds great right now. I'm loving orange juice, anything lemon flavored, sour candies, and vinegar (which really isn't all that weird...I've always liked vinegar). I think all that points towards GIRL!!! I totally believe I'm having a girl.

Best moment for these weeks: I totally peed myself this week...actually twice. Isn't that suppose to happen later??? Maybe I'm just weird. I have some pretty vicious sneezes and thanks to all this pollen in the air...I've been sneezing a lot and apparently sometimes when I sneeze...I pee now. SO NOT COOL!!!

Movement: I think I have felt little Pistachio move but I can't be quite sure. There are lots of weird little feelings going on inside of me right now, but I can't really tell you what it is. Maybe movement? I need more to be sure!

Labor Signs: Of course not!

Belly button in or out: Less flat now...a little wider.

What I miss: Oh I would kill for a strawberry margarita, a cold beer, and my summer favorite - Miami Vice! I also miss feeling good in my clothes...there's more of that to come I'm sure.

Weekly wisdom: It's taken me some time, but I've finally realized I'm pregnant. I'm slowly starting to get excited about things. I have realized I'm just one of those people who has to grow to like something and that's okay.

Milestones: Possibly feeling the baby move?!?

Favorite moments: Finally discussing was only once, but now that we've talked about it I feel a little less stressed about it.

Photo Updates:
And just to I was 2 months ago!!!

Don't forget to vote boy or girl at the top left!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Square Foot Garden

We've been busy this weekend fulfilling one of my whirlwind wishes. Last week I decided I had to have a vegetable and herb garden. I actually got the idea of a raised garden from my Uncle who had done one a year ago. I did a bunch of research, gathered the materials, and got to work!

First of all if you want to do this, you need to get the book that made this all possible. I borrowed mine from my Uncle, but I plan on purchasing my own immediately. It's the All New Square Foot Gardening book by Mel Bartholomew. It will tell you absolutely everything you need to know to successfully start this type of garden.

The main benefits of square foot gardening is it has awesome soil, little to no weeds, can ease bending over if built high enough, can be built anywhere even if you don't have a yard, and contains an adequate amount of veggies to feed a family of 4 in such little space!

Now for a brief overview of how to do it. First you need to make a plan. Decide how big you want it, where you want it, and what all you want to put in it. They recommend you put it on the north side of the yard for optimal sun and to prevent plants from shading each other. Also remember you can make it as long as you want, but make it no more than 4 feet wide so you can easily reach all sides. We made ours 4ft wide by 4ft high by 12in tall. Finally you can put pretty much anything you want in it. There are guides in the book and online as to when to plant what and how many seeds or plants you can put in each square.

Now, go gather your materials.

- Untreated lumber - cedar is best because it lasts longer, but I just got the cheapest (you can get it cut for you at Lowes for free)
- Linseed oil to protect the lumber (or you can paint it, but whatever you do just do the outside so nothing gets in your soil.)
- 3" deck screws to put it together
- Weed blocker - The book suggests digging up the first layer of grass and then putting the weed blocker down. We didn't, I'll let you know how it goes.
- Wood Lath (which you find in the trim section) and Nuts and Bolts - or some other material to create the grid (make sure it's more visible than just string!)
- Mel's Mix - 1/3 Vermiculite, 1/3 Peat Moss, and 1/3 Compost (pictured below)

You might have to call around for the 4cubic foot bag of vermiculite. I called my local Co-Op and they had it in stock. You also need to buy the compressed version of Peat Moss. It only took 1 4cuft bag of vermiculite and 1 3cuft bag of compressed peat moss to be enough for one of my 4x4x1 boxes.

The book suggests you also buy 5 different types of compost/manure. I used the 5 that were available to me at Lowes and Co-Op. Mine was a mixture of cow manure, chicken manure, mushroom compost, humus, and evergreen compost.......yeah....smelly!
- Get a Large Tarp to mix everything together.
- Lastly, buy your plants and seeds. For now I bought a few herb plants, tomato plants, and bean plants as well as seed versions of each. It will be cheaper to plant seeds but it will require more patience so I thought a mix of both would work best for me. I plan on adding more variety later.
Now for the building! Screw your boards together and be sure to rotate the corners so you end up with a truly square box!
Next insert the weed blocker by stapling it to the sides of the box and build your grid. This was probably the biggest pain of the day. It's hard getting those little sticks to stay where you want them and be able to drill holes without the rest of them all moving around. We started with 4ft long wood might have been easier if it was longer then cut to size afterwards.
Now for the fun part - mixing everything together! Pour everything out on the tarp and start mixing! We did one box at a time which worked out well.
Yay! Now it's time for planting. The awesome thing about this is that you never have to do it again!!! When you dig up roots of old plants and plant new ones, you can just add a little compost.
Make sure you have a plan on what you want to plant and where you need to plant it. You need tall plants in the back and short ones in the front so no shading occurs.
The book and some websites on the internet tell you just how many plants or seeds you can put in each little square.
Hopefully sometime this week we will be building our trellises for the beans and tomatoes I planted. I'm sure I will be providing updates!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

He Could Have Been Her Prince Charming

Yesterday morning I came outside because Lola was barking her head off and I thought the neighbors might appreciate it if I attempted to do something about it.

"Look at what I found mom!"

I came out to find Mr. Froggy who was, for some crazy reason, desperately trying to get under our fence and into our backyard.

I couldn't decide if Lola was trying to send him away or cheer him on through the fence. I've never really seen her interact with such an animal.
To kiss or to eat?

Mr. Froggy did make it through the fence later that afternoon. I found him on our back porch around lunch time, but decided to keep Lola inside.
It was for your own safety Mr. Froggy.
I will always wonder if they would have been friend or foe...Sometimes it's best just to keep wondering.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's to Eat? Wednesday: Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake

The pregnancy hormones are obviously in full swing over here since I just cried for a good 5 minutes over my Internet going slow. I'd say I was crazy, but I think I have some excuse for the time being. One thing that I know will always make me feel better is a slice of my mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Yum. It's so sweet and absolutely delicious.

This was the first time I have made anything in a bundt pan and I obviously don't know all the tricks yet because mine did stick to the pan a bit. It's so hard to grease all those little creases! It didn't matter was made just for us and gone in about 2 days so no one even noticed.

Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake


1 cup butter, softened

2 cups sugar

2 eggs

2 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup sour cream

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon almond extract

1/2 cup chopped pecans

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoons sugar


Cream butter, sugar, and eggs till fluffy.

In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder, and salt.

Combine flour mixture and sour cream with butter mixture on low alternating between the two. Add extracts.

In a small bowl mix sugar, cinnamon, and pecans.

Grease and flour a bundt pan. Sprinkle 1/3 nut mixture into top of pan, pour in half of batter, sprinkle 1/3 nut mixture, and then pour in remaining batter and top with the rest of the nut mixture. Bake at 325 for 50-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Weeks 13 & 14 in Review

I've seen a couple of different people use these questions for their weekly updates and it seems like a good idea so I'm going to give it a try. Also please take your best guess as to if we are having a girl or a boy on the poll to the right! We find out sometime during the first 2 weeks of May so you have till then!

How far along: I am actually 15 weeks now, but this will be a review of 13 & 14.

Total weight gain: As of my last appointment on April 1st, I have gained 1 pound. I asked him about how much I should gain in the 2nd trimester and he said about 10 pounds to stay on track so we will see how that goes.

Maternity clothes: Not for these weeks, but it's least for somethings. I have had to go shopping a little bit to get some longer and more flowy tops and those seem to work well for me now. My jeans are thankfully low enough to where it doesn't bother me and since I'm not working I mostly stay in yoga pants all day since they are stretchy and comfy. I should probably invest in another pair of those lol.

Sleep: No problems here really. I do have to get up and pee once a night and have been since I became pregnant. What's annoying is that I don't even have to pee that much. It's just uncomfortable. Other than that I'm getting plenty of beauty rest.

Cravings: Ummm....sugar? Don't kill me!!! I know that is bad, but I gave it up for Lent and it now seems that my body wants back the 40 day supply that I denied it. I'm sure this will bring on the pounds if I don't get this craving over with. Can someone come and destroy all the Easter candy we have left please? Thanks.

Best moment for these weeks: Hearing the heartbeat again and knowing that it won't be too much longer before we find out what we are having.

Movement: Nada - that should be coming soon although I doubt I will even be able to recognize it.

Labor Signs: NO!

Belly button in or out: I've always referred to my belly button as an inny-outty. It's in but you can still see it when I'm not pregnant. It's not one of those deep inny's. This is really weird describing my belly button in detail!!! Ok so for's more flat. There.

What I miss: 75% of my closet. I have since packed all the crap I can't wear and it is so sad now. My husband might actually have more clothes than me now and I'm still finding things I can't wear! Agh! It's just going to get worse.

Weekly wisdom: Funny story (wisdom at the end): The doctor's office was really busy my last appointment and when they called me back they ended up putting me in the procedure room. It had a nicer version of the stirrup chair if there is one of those and one of those metal equipment trays beside it. Also it had several pieces of very scary equipment.
- Your husband will make up stories about what each piece of scary equipment does.
- Although the stories are absurd, your heart rate will go up.
- You will find yourself not being able to remember if you asked last time what you'll be doing on this appointment.
- They will move you to another room if you look freaked out enough.

Milestones: Making it into the second trimester!!!

Favorite moments: Finally naming our baby: Pistachio!!! Ok, so we haven't come up with a real name yet but it's better than "It" or "That thing growing inside me". Pistachio seems much more enduring. Michael's dad refers to it as "Bubba" and "Bubbarina" and one of our friends calls it "Ike". It's well named for now.
Photo Updates:

Birthday Extravaganza!

I have to admit that this might have been one of my best birthdays so far. Usually I don't really celebrate too much and my birthdays always seem a bit awkward to me, but this time everyone went all out. My mother-in-law actually planned out an awesome birthday day which I'll get to in a minute, but for now I will start with the day before.

Friday my wonderful husband came home with this delicious cake!

I had actually requested a DQ ice cream cake randomly about a month ago and it totally surprised me that he remembered. Sadly we didn't even touch it till yesterday because of everything else that was going on, but the plus side of ice cream cakes is that they keep for a long time!

Friday night we headed out for a celebration of my cousin Garth's birthday and my tag-along birthday at The Parthenon. There were about 20 people there including some of my other family members and some of his friends. I had the Mahi-Mahi which was scrumptious and pretended my sweet tea was a Long Island while everyone else had adult beverages.

After dinner everyone headed out in a stretch Hummer limo that he had rented to a local bar. Michael and I drove separate so we would have an escape route. I actually had a lot of fun for a sober and tired pregnant lady. We hung out until about midnight then said our goodbyes. The smoke in the bar was not so good for little pistachio (aka the baby).

The next day we woke up early to get ready for my actual birthday. As I was trying on dress pants I realized that little pistachio has in fact grown and therefore I was forced to wear the belly band for the first time.

I actually changed later on because I felt completely ridiculous having my pants unzipped and unbuttoned BEFORE lunch. I switched to my dressier skinny jeans which I still couldn't button but at least could zip and still had to wear the belly band, but whatever...I guess there will be more of that to come.

Onto the presents.......I had been begging Michael for a new purse for quite sometime. I'm pretty simple when it comes to purses and really I only have 3 that I use and I have owned all of them since college. My brown Coach one is a tad fact it can barely hold my big girl wallet (you know the one with more than just my debit card and license) along with other essentials (phone, lipgloss, flipbrush, etc.). We just had a hard time justifying another $200 purse with a baby on the way. We finally found one for a mear $40 bucks at Francesca's and he got it for me!

He also completely surprised me with shoes! That he picked out himself! That I actually liked! Unfortunately they are a tad bit small so they will be getting exchanged, but props to him all the way! I actually needed some like these. I'm still shocked apparently!

Oh, please excuse the fact that we have yet to hang ANYTHING in the house. We will be getting on that...this week! Maybe a new home tour will be coming soon.

Next we headed to the small town of Lynchburg, TN which you might have heard of because it is where the Jack Daniel's Distillery is located. And if you are a motorcycle person it's a popular place to ride to and through apparently.

They had several small shops to look through which of course included a lot of Jack Daniel's paraphernalia along with Harley Davidson gear. I was more interested in all the antique shops and plan on heading back soon to do some more thorough looking and perhaps some buying!

And just a little tid bit about might be surprised to know that it is in fact a dry county. You can buy commemorative bottles of Jack there, but you would be arrested if you drank it.

Our next stop and the most exciting part of the day to me was Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House and Restaurant. You actually have to get reservations made months in advance and it is well worth it. They ring the dinner bell at 1PM and you are seated in groups of 10-12 in different rooms around the house so you actually sit with other people and have a hostess at your table. We were served family style and everyone passed around the various dishes to each other (always to the left).

We absolutely stuffed ourselves in fact Michael and I didn't even eat dinner that night because we were so full. Our meal consisted of Fried Chicken, Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried okra, baked apples (made with Jack Daniels), macaroni and cheese, green beans, spoon rolls, and pecan pie topped with Jack Daniels whipped cream, and of course sweet tea to wash everything down. Mmmmm....hungry yet?

After we rolled ourselves out, we headed over to the distillery to have a little tour.

Before the tour you wait in a large room filled with Jack Daniel's history. Dad and I took a little photo with Jack himself. He was actually a pretty small man at only 5"2' and wore a size 4 shoe. He took over the distillery at age 14.

Jack Daniel's is made with only 4 ingredients, corn, barley, rye and TN spring water pictured below.

Unfortunately you couldn't take pictures inside the tour. But I can give you a quick run down. Jack Daniels is known for their Sour Mash which you actually get to see. And let me tell you it smells like next day throw up if you have ever shared a night with Mr. Jack. Ugh...I could hardly make it through without gagging.

They drain the whiskey through a 14 foot vat of charcoal (made with Oak) before placing in in the barrel to sit for around 5 years. If you have ever drank Single Barrel it is actually put through the charcoal process twice.

After our tour we headed back to The Sager farm where we all tried to eat cake (we were still stuffed) and I opened some presents. They were sweet enough to get me Miss Mary Bobo's cookbook (I'll be sure to post some recipes) and the Fix-It and Forget-It cookbook because I seriously have crock pot phobia.

Shew, that's a lot of birthday! I hope next year is just as wonderful. It's going to be hard to top for sure. Although little pistachio will be around by then so I'm sure that will make it special enough!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Week Full of Wonderful Surprises!

This week has turned out to be a little more exciting that I originally expected. My sister called me Monday morning and told me she was coming to visit for the whole week which worked out wonderfully since my husband was scheduled to be gone Tuesday and Wednesday night for an out-of-town work meeting. We have been keeping ourselves busy doing some shopping, eating out, and catching up with some reality shows On Demand. A few I recommend... Tori & Dean (because she has cute kids, mama drama, and Guncles), Kristy Alley's Big Life (because I love her sense of humor), and Parenthood (better than I originally expected and maybe a few learning points for me since I'm a parent to be soon).

I also got a call from my cousin Garth and my mother-in-law concerning birthday plans for this weekend! My birthday is on Saturday and my cousin's is on Friday so we will be doing a joint celebration Friday night and then Saturday my mother-in-law is taking me on a little adventure. I'll wait and post all the details after the fact so look forward to that next week! Cute outfits have been purchased!

Yeah, small picture! I couldn't find a larger one! Click here instead.

There is one more top I purchased from here that is also an option!

Also this week we were lucky to schedule a vacation! We actually didn't think we would be taking one this year considering all the money we have had to pour out and will be pouring out between the house and the baby, but thankfully due to a sale on airline tickets and splitting a condo with another couple we have been able to manage it! This year we will be vacationing in Siesta Key Florida on Crescent Beach.

I have never been, but our friends have and have loved it. If you guys have any recommendations on things to do there let me know!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Review: Between, Georgia

This year, I made a goal to try to branch out of my typical book selections to broaden my taste and this happened to be one of the "chances" I took. Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson was a pretty easy read, but it didn't exactly grab me and I think that's just because it happened to be unrealtable to me. With that being said, it you are looking for a book to breeze through on a plane ride, this might be for you.

By the title you can obviously guess that this book is set in the south in a small town called Between. It follows a woman named Nonny and the family feud she happens to be caught between. It follows her on a self discovery journey as she struggles with her divorce and figuring out just where she fits in her family and what she wants out of life.

I have a tendency to pick and like heavy subject mattered books and this just didn't fit into that category. While this particular one didn't do too much for me, I think I will try a couple of more light books this year and maybe find one that I can relate a little more to. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Rush

I think I forgot to mention that I gave up candy (my number one weakness) for lent this year. Let me tell you. It was a challenge. I'm that person that has to have dessert every night after dinner and candy is usually my go to. Michael tried to get me to give up desserts all together, but I knew that was something I definitely wasn't strong enough to do. He argued that was the point of lent, but I think me and God both know that candy was challenge enough for this year. I've already given up other delicious things like feta cheese and alcohol and medium rare steaks. I think it was enough.

So you can guess how excited I was for this Easter Sunday. I made 36 mini cupcakes and 18 standard cupcakes to kick things off on Friday and Saturday. I tried to get creative with my Wilton tips and be a little Martha Stewart. They turned out pretty well 17 hours and 10 cups of icing later...

I have to admit I forgot to take pictures before I delivered them to the family lunch so I took some back with me. They looked better before my lovely husband turned them upside down in the car, but we won't talk about that.

For breakfast Sunday morning I gorged myself on mini chocolate Cadbury eggs and my long lost love Sweetart Bug gummies. Yum. I was super excited the whole day. Now candy is overflowing in my house in almost every room and if I don't do something about it soon I'll be over my pregnancy weight goal in no time! Ouch!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying this lovely spring weather!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Didn't You Say You Were Doing A Happiness Project?

Yes, I did say that.

What happened to it?
I didn't order my book as soon as I should have. I got ahead of myself and committed before I was really ready.

What am I going to do now?
I'm going to read the book. Get organized. Figure out just how I want to present it.

Where did you go wrong?
I thought I could do it as I went, but now I see that it's going to be a project that I will need to revise and let evolve and it's too hard to do that in front of other people.

I'll get back to you, I will.

In the meantime, I'm reading the book and making notes. Full project to be unveiled at a later date!

And that's no April Fools joke....or is it? Maybe I should keep that in my back pocket just in case I crash and burn on this one.
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