Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review: Dry

I have to say I love this book and in fact I think I will probably love anything that Augusten Burroughs writes. If you haven't already read Running with Scissors you need to and you need to read it before you make your way to this book, Dry.

Both books are memoirs and although somewhat tragic, they still hold a wonderful sense of humor. This author has definitely led a very colorful life and he illustrates it beautifully in these two books. Running with Scissors will give you his childhood background, while Dry focuses on his twenties and his recovery from alcoholism.

I related to Dry because it really focuses on him actually having to deal with life instead of turning to alcohol to avoid it. And although I don't hid from my life in alcohol, I feel like we all have our ways of putting things out of minds to avoid focusing on how we really feel about things sometimes.

I highly recommend these two and plan on checking out some of his other books as well in the future.

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  1. Augusten is so awesome! I'm really glad you liked the book. Have you seen the movie Running with Scissors? Terrible.


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