Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In progress...

Glitter and pine needles cover the floor.

Bright lights adorn the front of the house.

Christmas gifts are on their way.

Crafty ideas are creeping their way into my thoughts.

Christmas music and the smell of a fir tree is in the air.

Christmas is definitely underway around here and you can tell because boxes are crowding the living room. Pumpkins are still on the table. I've still got electrical issues out front (oh, the joys of the yearly cord challenge). Returns are needing to be made as well as more purchases for decorating details...

Hopefully sometime this week I'll post pictures of our house all decked out, but for now, we are simply...in progress.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun on the Farm

We are officially stuffed and tired which means Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family, but I am more than looking forward to having a pajama day today as we start decorating for Christmas. 

We had an unusually farmy Thanksgiving this year! We started out at Michael parents house where Ethan learned to moo, pet a bull, pet a horse and saw his first deer. Surprisingly he is more a fan of cows than horses, but that suits his Grandpa just fine. I'm sure Ethan has many cow auctions, vet visits, and fence building in his future.

We also made a pit stop at my Uncles farm so he could introduce us to his new hobby....goats. He had 20 plus babies born this week alone (all from one very busy and probably very happy billy goat). We met some of the babies which are the cutest things I've ever seen and even witnessed a birth. Maybe we won't need to give Ethan the dreaded birds and bees talk now? 

Ethan jumped at the chance to sweep the barn out. He's going to make a great farmhand one day. I know I'll be more than excited to send him to work on his Grandpa's farm once he's a little older. Hard work is important and it certainly did a lot of good for his daddy, he is one of the hardest workers and most handy men I know.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have safe travels! Ethan and I will be snuggled up today with apple cider and Christmas movies as we recover from our Turkey comatose and deck the house for the next holiday.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Fairly Certain He Won't Miss Me

I've found that there are usually two types of couples. The ones that do everything together and the ones that keep their friends and hobbies separate for a bit of space. There's nothing wrong with either of these types, but Michael and I tend to fall in the first category of doing everything together. Michael cooks with me, talks me through baking and crafting disasters, gives me advice when it comes to different projects I decide to tackle and even listens to my thoughts on the books I read. This weekend I got a chance to experience one of his hobbies, hunting. Don't worry, I won't show any dead animal pictures. Feel free to keep reading.

Michael does two types of hunting, deer and duck. My dad has duck hunted for longer than I've been around and when Michael came into my life, he started going with him. I really think they would both like me to experience their hobby, but getting up at 3AM and heading out on a boat in the freezing cold to sit for hours does not sound like my type of fun. I decided deer hunting was more my speed at 2 in the afternoon, decent weather, and a short jaunt from my in-laws house. I could handle it.

I was told hunting involves peace and quiet. A lot of peace and quiet. So much quiet that I was told my camera was too loud. Hmph. It also involves stillness. So much stillness that the nervous leg bounce that I hardly even realize I do became an issue. As I sat there, listening to every creak of the tree being blow in the wind, the flap of a birds wing, and the bustle of leaves under foot of a squirrel I realized something.

My life has been so void of peace and quiet that I can't handle it anymore. I sat there thinking about all the things I could be doing and how nice it would be to have a bottle of wine. I wanted to start a million conversations that we have been putting off having because we just haven't had the time. I wanted to make lists. I thought of how nice it would be to knit so I could keep my hands busy.

I dusted off my kindle, literally, and tried to jump back into a book I hadn't picked up in months. I could not shut down. I could not just enjoy the peace and quiet that I had thought that I so needed. I missed my baby, I longed for wi-fi, and I'm pretty sure my fingers were showing the first signs of frost-bite. 

So husband dearest, you can keep your hobby all to yourself. There's no need for us to share every little thing. Plus, I'm pretty sure you just use hunting as an excuse to nap. You can't even make it through a 30 minute sitcom without dozing off. Apparently, I'm just not as chill as I once was. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shabby Apple Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Shabby Apple Giveaway! The lucky winner is...


I will be in touch with you shortly! Be thinking about which color skirt you will choose :) 

PS: Winner was chosen using Random.org

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Parenting Is Not Always Black and White


We are all guilty of this from time to time. We might glare at the parent with the screaming baby in the restaurant. We might have to really fight to hold our tongue when our mommy friend shares a certain parenting theory that just doesn't jive with our own view. We might talk about how a parent handled a certain situation that is clearly not how we would do it.

Parenting is so black and white when you are on the outside.

Then it happens. Your child throws themselves onto the floor in the middle of Target. Your child is the one that was fussy in a public place. Your child is the one that will not stop grabbing every single item off of the coffee table at your friends house. 

You become the one that is feeling judged. Even though no one said anything you feel the need to fight your case, explain your reasons, maybe even address what they may have been thinking. We all want to be right. No one wants to screw up. Parenting is a huge responsibility. We are shaping, molding, and forming someone's precious life. We will be the reason they are in therapy one day if we don't play our cards just right.

One of the hardest things about parenting is all of the uncertainty and grey area that comes with it. There is no one answer. Every single child is different. Every situation is different. With that comes misunderstanding and unfair judgement and unfortunately there are times when we as parents find ourselves on both the giving and receiving ends of this.

And it sucks.

As hard as I try there are times when I can't resist thinking judgmental thoughts. There are also times when I can't resist comparing myself to other moms because I feel uncertainty about my own parenting skills. It's a tricky situation for sure.

I need to do better. We all need to do better. Nothing is black and white in this parenting game. There is a lot of grey area and until we fully understand the situation we probably should keep our parenting advice and judgmental thoughts to ourselves. We are only experts when it comes to our own children. And that's all that matters right?

**This post was written as part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Also the Shabby Apple Giveaway ends tonight! Winner will be announced tomorrow.**

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Christmas List - The Hobby Edition

One of the great things about being a SAHM for me is that I get to have hobbies. Not that I didn't enjoy doing some of these particular things when I was working out in the real world (aka the nerve wrecking public), but I just didn't have the time to fully delve into them. Now that I'm home I've gotten to really focus on my interests and actually do something with them and it's been great. 

I figured out though that hobbies have a catch. That catch is that you need to buy stuff to do them and grown up hobbies can be costly. Now, I can't remember the last time I actually made out a Christmas list. Sure there have always been things we have needed. Notice the words I used there..."we"...."needed". Yeah, those lists were the grown up Christmas lists. This year when I sat down to think about what to ask for, I actually found I had a lot of things I wanted.

I have such a love for taking pictures now and I can already tell how far I've come this past year when it comes to using my camera in manual mode. I feel like it's time to take my pictures a step up and actually start editing them beyond what Picknik and iPhoto have to offer. I'm a bit scared to jump into this editing thing blindly (which is why a how-to book is also on my list wish), but after talking with several different people Lightroom seems to be an easy way to go. This is certainly at the top of my list! 

I thought about some other lenses too of course (apparently lenses are addictive!) but I can't decide what I need next. I love my 50mm but I have a hard time using it in tight spaces, so I think I might need either a 24mm, 28mm or 35mm next. Decisions, decisions right? In the meantime I'll be wishing for some lens accessories like UV filters and lens hoods to eliminate those pesky sun spots that show up from time to time.

Now this is a hobby I haven't fully explored yet. I can come up with fabric projects galore, but I always need the help of my mom and her sewing machine to actually see them through. For my mom's sake, I think it's time for me to ask for a sewing machine. See, even though this is my wish list, I'm still thinking of others...

I have no idea what to look for in a sewing machine. I need something basic and something my mom can actually help me use so I think I'll be leaving the final choice up to her! I'm hoping to do crafty home decor and possibly some appliqu├ęs, but we shall see how it goes. 

KitchenAid 5-Quart Glass Bowl

This particular item, I should have asked for long ago. It makes soooo much sense to have 2 mixing bowls. Hello, you need one for cake batter and one for icing right??? Right. Well and I love that this one is glass which means you can even microwave it to melt chocolate. Oh, and it comes with a lid which means I can keep that extra frosting in the fridge to snack on um, I mean use on a cake, later!

I have to admit that I've had a ton of fun making a wish list on Amazon this year. It's kind of reminded me of registering. Remember that? When you got to ask for everything you dreamed of? Yeah...it's been like that. A little out of hand, a little over the top. I'm still in touch with the real world though and am fully aware that some of these things will completely remain wishes only for now and that's totally ok, because wishing is fun right? Besides there are always birthdays, bonus checks, and anniversaries... ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces

My house is a wreck, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to give Ethan watered down milk for lunch if I don't get my bootie to the grocery store. All signs that I hosted a dinner party this weekend. Ugh, love it but where are the cleaning fairies when you need them? 

Things are picking up around here and for our family, the holidays are already upon us. We have officially had our first Thanksgiving and I already feel like I've gained 5 pounds. So delicious! 

My sister and I

With the help of my mom I have gotten started on sewing Ethan's Christmas stocking and a special present I wanted to do for him. Why do craft projects always take 3 times longer than you originally planned? I was hoping to get at least one thing finished, but alas we are nowhere close. Oh well, it just means more fun crafting days are ahead of us!

I had the most delicious cake I have ever put in my mouth this weekend! My dad's birthday was on Saturday and I made him the Campfire Cake from Sweetpolita. Seriously, it's soooo good. Toasted marshmallow and marshmallow creme filling. Need I say more? It's a bit of work to get together, but sooooo worth it!

I have got to start ordering Christmas gifts. I honestly don't want to step foot in a store this year. Problem is one Christmas is always a week or so early for my family and yours truly forgets this and wham...ordering time is gone and I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Pretty sure I'm going to have to make some major changes when it comes to Christmas 2012 planning wise. 

Hopefully I'll have a more coherent post tomorrow. I've got to get my butt in gear and head out to the grocery store. In the rain. And probably without a list. I'm pretty sure this spells....disaster. Wish me luck.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh, How this Blog has Grown!

Four years ago I started this little blog because I needed a place to release my thoughts. When I look back on those posts, I laugh because, wow did I have a lot to learn. Now this blog has become more to me than just a place to release my random thoughts. It's been a place to document all the little moments I never want to forget, a place to network with other mommies who amazingly come to my rescue when I need help or suggestions, a place to share my ideas, tips, and tricks on my new job as a stay at home mommy.

My readership has changed drastically over the years. I'd be surprised if there is anyone reading these days that was reading when I first started this blog. Life moves and changes so quickly and with every change I've made in life, my readers have changed right along with it. 

I wanted to thank those of you who are reading now. I've loved sharing these precious moments of mommy hood. I view you as my co-workers because let's face it...this stay at home gig can get lonely. If I didn't have you I'm pretty sure I'd be jabbering away to Lola all day and I'm not sure how good that is for my sanity! For those of you that I also follow, I've loved getting to know you and seeing your precious babies grow this year. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us all. 

I'll leave you with a list of some of my favorite posts...

For a few more favorites...look to the right where you will find a list of my readers current favorite posts.

Also, I posted a giveaway today as a way to thank you all (click here to enter).

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon When You Take the North "Poll"

Tomorrow will mark 4 years of this little blog of mine. I love all of my readers and have a pretty stylish giveaway planned to celebrate tomorrow but unfortunately only one of you gets to win that. No worries though! I found something I can giveaway to all of you! The Melissa & Doug toy company is saving the day (and my wallet) by offering a 25% off coupon to each of you and all you have to do is take a quick vote on your favorite Melissa & Doug educational toy.

As we all know Christmas is right around the corner. Just ask my neighbors, they already have their tree up. Seriously. I've already started ordering a couple of gifts for Ethan and let's just say ANY money I can save is awesome. Ethan loves his Melissa & Doug puzzles and his Noah's Ark shape sorter that he received for his birthday and I plan on getting him a few more Melissa and Doug items for Christmas!

Melissa & Doug want you to tell them which of their educational toys you think is best! Just click on the image below to place your vote in the North "Poll!" You'll get a Melissa & Doug 25% OFf Coupon to use at MelissaAndDoug.com just for voting! 


So go ahead, take your quick vote! Tweet it, share it, pass it on...everyone wants to save! Melissa & Doug will send out the 25% off coupons during the week of November 20th. That's plenty of time for you to place and order and get it here for your little ones before Christmas! 

Thanks for reading and be sure to comeback tomorrow for a chance to win a little something for yourself!

**I was compensated for this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.**
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