Friday, November 4, 2011

Seriously Christmas? Seriously.

Have I told you that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? Well, it is and it always rubs me the wrong way to see Christmas stuff up in stores November 1st or for some even before Halloween. 

Yesterday though, I got hit in the face with what Christmas is going to be like with children.

Oh yes, it will be a magical, fun and wonderful time. 

But it is also going to be......CUT-THROAT!

Let me explain. My parents are divorced hence we have multiple Christmas's to go to. So many in fact that my mom's Christmas is actually done two weeks in advance. So yesterday I figured that I should probably go ahead and order Ethan's Christmas outfit just to make sure it would get here on time.

I'd decided on a reversible long all that he could wear to multiple Christmas's after much searching to find an economical solution (the price of kids clothes is another rant all in itself). I called to place my order because for some reason the online site wasn't working.

I was told that all the holiday clothing was sold out. Not just my size, not just that outfit...all of it. They ran out last weekend. 

Excuse me? 


I don't get it. Am I just really off my game or what? Is this how it works? Do I have to start ordering Christmas stuff in August???

Oh and the particular gift I had decided on for E out of a catalog I got last weekend....sold out.

Christmas is officially on my crap list. 



  1. I'm 100% with you. I love Christmas, but I feel like it is shoved down our throat just as soon as Halloween is over. There is no reason decorations should be out before Halloween. My neighbor was decorating for Christmas on November 1. I mean, we need Turkey Day first right. What happened to decorating the day after Turkey Day?

  2. It is just gonna get earlier and earlier until we all have Christmas lights on our houses all year long!

  3. haha i probably don't help with my pictures of x-mas presents wrapped since like august!

  4. SOLD OUT!?!?!? What the hell!??!?

    I also get annoyed with all the Christmas music and stuff in my face! Our families are all divorced so we also have a bizillion events to go to! Yippie! haha!

  5. Oh, yikes. That's crazy! Millie will just be getting a couple used toys, but I'm really surprised at the clothes thing!

  6. Oh no! THis happened to me with PB's halloween outfit. Tell me what toy you were looking for and I will see if we have it here!

  7. Wow! That's rediculous! I love me some Christmas, but it's not even on my radar until AFTER Thanksgiving. Respect the Turkey people!

  8. Right there with you. I really, really like Thanksgiving and it bums me out that it's completely overshadowed. And not by Christmas per se, but by the incessant need to by way too many gifts for way too many people.

    I guess I should order E's Christmas outfit before it's too late huh?!


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