Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Look Who's A Walker!

Ethan started walking earlier this month in little spurts, but has since picked up regularity with it. I have to say this video is probably the longest I've seen him walk by himself. I've been trying to catch him on video for some time now and after dragging a camera around with me all day (and a little bit of persistent asking) I finally caught him!


1. I'm sorry I felt the need to talk through the ENTIRE video. Apparently silence makes me nervous.

2. There is a part where I say "bench" and it may or may not sound like a dirty word...I promise I said "bench".

3. Random items laying around were drug out by the cute little guy above. Well everything except the rubbermaid container...that's waiting for the hubs to put away :)


  1. Look at that big boy! He walked a lot for the camera that little ham :) Now the fun begins for momma!

  2. Adorable! So great that you got that on video! He's a busy boy! Bench :)

  3. Aww yay yay yay!! Congrats Eathan!

  4. way to go Ethan! You'll be busy chasing him around! :)

  5. Yay! Way to go E!

    PS I think Jamie as those same pants. Khols?

  6. Aww, yeah Ethan! I love it! I think our little Charlie is on the verge of walking so this is very near and dear to my heart! Oh boy, life is about to change Momma!!!

  7. Ahhhh!! I LOVE HIM!!! That little toddle is the SWEETEST! You're in for it now, girlfriend ;oP Ha! And PS? I love the rug/mat by your front door. Love it!! Go, E, go!!! Yay!!!!!!!

  8. YAY!!! Go, Ethan, go!!! This is too cute...he is all over the place!!! How exciting:)

  9. So awesome!!!

    I can't wait for Millie to get the hang of it.

  10. Go Ethan! He's walking like a pro!


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