Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hurricane Laura Coming Through!

Last night I turned into a mad woman. Why you ask? Well, I should probably give you a few facts about myself to consider for a moment.

1. I am a perfectionist through and through.
2. Which leads me to pressuring myself constantly.
3. Which usually means I get very overwhelmed.
4. I make myself so busy with projects that I get behind on other things like um, housework.
5. Then I feel a huge amount of guilt and that I will never get caught up.

(This is not pity me, I actually like the perfectionist part and am working on all the other things...we all have our issues, no? Okay...moving on.)

Apparently last night I hit my breaking point. You see, there are some things around here I haven't had time to deal with: B-day stuff is stashed in the guest room, Halloween stuff is well, all over the place, Ethan's room is piled with things that really need to be packed up from his baby days, coupons are stacked up and unorganized...yada,yada,yada. You get it right? Life's been crazy. Fly Lady days have gotten put out on the curb. Mama's behind.

And then it happened....

Ethan started screaming an hour before regular dinner time.
I opened the fridge hoping and praying I might find some actual food for him (let's face it meal planning ok, ok and going to the grocery store has also gotten off track).
The apple cider jug decided to crash to the floor sending sticky residue all over the fridge, it's contents, the floor, the cabinets, me. 
At that exact moment my husband calls wanting to know what's for dinner.
I see red.

Honestly, I don't know what to call it but holy hormone rage. I flew into action...fury was driving me for sure. The baby got successfully fed, the husband came home in time to take over from there. I went to work on the house. Toys were corralled, the fridge was emptied and wiped down, dishes were washed, my sink was shined, I literally threw things in the garage to be tossed because I never wanted to deal with them again. 

You get it.....I was on a rampage. Hurricane Laura was coming through.

Michael and Lola hunkered down in the bedroom while this was going on...good choice, good choice. 

Sometimes it takes me getting to my breaking point, to get myself back in gear.

You know what though? I feel like a new woman and I didn't have to wake up to my dirty house this morning. 

The storm has passed.


  1. HA!!! Oh my gosh...I can relate 100% to everything above...I've been on a serious organizing/cleaning rampage as of late and my hubs is at a loss of what to do!

    I'm glad you were able to get SO much done last night...I KNOW you feel better:)

  2. I'm glad Michael and Lola knew to get out of the way of the hurricane! LOL I could so see you doing this :) I'm glad you feel like a new woman though. Too bad you don't like pedicures b/c I would say we could get one while you are here this weekend!

  3. haha this sounds like me! I am such a perfectionist that sometimes I'm on a war path to get things done! Thankfully my husband has learned this about me by now! :)

  4. I totally get this and often have to remind myself to give myself a break. Some days I'm a much better SAHM than domestic goddess!

    I love the feeling of a clean, put-together house in the morning. I try to get that accomplished before the weekend, and sometimes, just sometimes, it happens!

  5. I am the same way! As much as I hate getting to that breaking point, having everything done after hitting that rampage is so nice. There's nothing like waking up to a clean house!

  6. Those hurricanes happen around here every now and again. I'm currently waiting for one to hit. Because I need it like WHOA.

  7. We are so much alike. I've been on a de-cluttering rampage for a while now. I just want to throw everything away. It's so hard to keep up with a baby and find time for hobbies and household. What I wouldn't give for a housekeeper.

  8. I feel my bursting point coming soon...I've been so busy at work and have piles of stuff around the house that need to be put away, tossed, given away, etc. I have not even switched my clothes from the summer out with the fall/winter. At least they are just in the spare room, but it's really starting to get on my nerves!

  9. This happens to me! I just get to a point....and bam. I sweat cleaning the house for hours and hours. And poof. It's done. I feel great.

    Cycle continues though. I always promise myself i wont get to that point...but it always happens again.


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