Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Fairly Certain He Won't Miss Me

I've found that there are usually two types of couples. The ones that do everything together and the ones that keep their friends and hobbies separate for a bit of space. There's nothing wrong with either of these types, but Michael and I tend to fall in the first category of doing everything together. Michael cooks with me, talks me through baking and crafting disasters, gives me advice when it comes to different projects I decide to tackle and even listens to my thoughts on the books I read. This weekend I got a chance to experience one of his hobbies, hunting. Don't worry, I won't show any dead animal pictures. Feel free to keep reading.

Michael does two types of hunting, deer and duck. My dad has duck hunted for longer than I've been around and when Michael came into my life, he started going with him. I really think they would both like me to experience their hobby, but getting up at 3AM and heading out on a boat in the freezing cold to sit for hours does not sound like my type of fun. I decided deer hunting was more my speed at 2 in the afternoon, decent weather, and a short jaunt from my in-laws house. I could handle it.

I was told hunting involves peace and quiet. A lot of peace and quiet. So much quiet that I was told my camera was too loud. Hmph. It also involves stillness. So much stillness that the nervous leg bounce that I hardly even realize I do became an issue. As I sat there, listening to every creak of the tree being blow in the wind, the flap of a birds wing, and the bustle of leaves under foot of a squirrel I realized something.

My life has been so void of peace and quiet that I can't handle it anymore. I sat there thinking about all the things I could be doing and how nice it would be to have a bottle of wine. I wanted to start a million conversations that we have been putting off having because we just haven't had the time. I wanted to make lists. I thought of how nice it would be to knit so I could keep my hands busy.

I dusted off my kindle, literally, and tried to jump back into a book I hadn't picked up in months. I could not shut down. I could not just enjoy the peace and quiet that I had thought that I so needed. I missed my baby, I longed for wi-fi, and I'm pretty sure my fingers were showing the first signs of frost-bite. 

So husband dearest, you can keep your hobby all to yourself. There's no need for us to share every little thing. Plus, I'm pretty sure you just use hunting as an excuse to nap. You can't even make it through a 30 minute sitcom without dozing off. Apparently, I'm just not as chill as I once was. 


  1. I can't chill either, so I'm totally with you. I used to be able to spend a day on the couch. I miss those days most of the time.

  2. Ha ha I know what you's like we cannot turn our brains off now...I think they make medicine for people like us... :)

  3. My husband and I are definitely the type that keep most of our hobbies separate, but it works for us. Though I love that your tried deer hunting! That last photo of you was hilarious! I'm sure that's how I would be. :)

  4. :) I think I'd feel exactly the same! My husband and I do everything together more out of habit than anything else, but time away is a good thing sometimes!

  5. hahaha, love that last photo! Me and the husband are definitely the same type of couple as you all. But I agree sometimes there are hobbies that don't need to be shared! Not sure I could've sat still like for hunting either!

  6. wow! so amazing of you to try it out!.... i couldn't do it! lol!

  7. We are definitely a space type of couple. We have very different hobbies and that's okay with us!

    You get points for trying it out in my book.

  8. You are brave to go and try that! My dad is a big hunter and I've never gotten up the nerve to go with him.

  9. This cracks me up! C used to always ask me to go hunting with him. From stories I've heard...he too uses it to nap :) I just don't have that kind of patience. Or desire to freeze my tail off ;)

  10. That's so funny! I am not sure what I would do hunting (doesn't appeal to me but I'm not bothered by it either, if that makes sense), but I don't have trouble unwinding. But the peace and quiet of nature can sometimes be too much. It's hard to shut off when you have real world responsibilities.

  11. so fun! yeah. I can relate. My husband and I do everything together, but when it comes to him working on his cars, I will go do my own thing.

    Love this post! I'm following through google friend connect :)

    You can find me anytime at 1House1Couple

    Your new twitter friend,

  12. Oh girl! I have an amazing story about going hunting with my hubby. It happened a few weeks before E was due, and I was feeling the pressure of having limited time for just the two of us .. so I wanted to take advantage. DID NOT GO WELL.

    I tried to take ONE picture.

    He said the F word to me.

    I cried. FOR THREE HOURS. I sat in silence, dressed in FULL camo (even a face mask) and sulked and cried. I made sure to sniffle just loud enoguh every few seconds so no geese would fly over us for him to shoot.


    Never ever ever again.

  13. This post is SO cute! I had the same experience hunting as well but with my dad. Hubby does not hunt Thank GOD. I would say we are 50/50 on our hobbies


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