Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Tidbits

  • I thought my garage door would stop if I didn't pull in far enough. I was wrong. I slammed my trunk yesterday...apparently the laser sensor is only for dogs, children, and such - not idiots that don't know how to garage park.

  • I finally got most of my Christmas cards out yesterday. I still have a couple to send. I'm waffling on who to send them to since we have a huge family 50 free cards don't go as far as you would think and I apparently have good taste in cards. At $1.75 a piece...we didn't buy any extra!

  • I think my favorite grocery store is becoming my least favorite. It now looks a mess, things are out of stock (thanks for making me go 2 other places last night after 10:00 with a newborn, ugh!) and there is stuff that isn't priced. Yikes...please don't make me shop at Wal-Mart. Please.

  • Ethan slept through the night!!!! Hope this continues

  • We have also gone from extra small to small diapers...I can't believe he is getting so big so fast! Stay small for a little longer...please!

  • I have lots of Christmas cooking to do today and after all the hoop-la of going to 3 different stores last night....I realized I forgot a very important ingredient while putting in my contacts this morning. Crap.

  • Speaking of contacts...after a week of wearing glasses and putting in drops - I still think my eyes are messed up.

  • I tallied up all our Christmas expenses the other day. Wow. Even after deciding to forgo gift swapping with some's still a ridiculous amount. I have a feeling it's not going to get better anytime soon either!

  • To top it all off....I think I'm getting sick. Ugh! I don't have time for sickness!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lola's Two!!!

Happy Birthday Lola Bean!

I have to apologize to Lola because we actually celebrated on the wrong day last year. Whoops. She didn't seem to mind though. She's enjoying cheerios in her bowl this morning and will be going to Dairy Queen for her ice cream treat once her daddy gets home tonight!  

She's my first baby and I've been so proud of her this year. She's had to adjust to living in several different places and to a new baby brother and lack of mommy and daddy time. She's doing great and we couldn't be more happy to have her in our lives.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What Wednesday

So what if....

I still haven't made Ethan's Christmas'll get done...eventually.

I have a mile long list of food I need to make next week and I have no idea how I'm going to get it all done.

I let Ethan nap longer than he should today. I know I will pay for it later, but I'm just glad he went to sleep and I have a moment to get things done.

I'm just not in the Christmas spirit this year. It feels like more of a hassle than anything else.

I rarely make it out of my pajamas these days. What's the point. No one sees me and I'll more than likely be puked on at some point.

Today is Wednesday and I'm supposed to post recipes to share. Let's face it. I'm cooking Stouffer's Frozen meals most nights...there is nothing good to share.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 Month Check-up with a New Doctor!

Yesterday,  Ethan had his 2 month checkup (really 10wk) with a brand new doctor. I finally bit the bullet and made a switch. It was one of my first tough mommy decisions that had to be made. I did not have a good gut feeling about his old doctor. The nurse was not friendly. He was a family practitioner not a pediatrician and I felt like I might need a little more specific information than he was able to give me.

Going to a pediatrician was a whole new world. I felt like we will be well taken care of and that they were up to date on all the new baby raising methods. The nurse was very sweet and quick when she gave Ethan his first shots. Poor thing. He was in complete shock after the first prick then screamed through the rest of them. It was so sad. He remained bug eyed for the next hour and then fell asleep until about 9 this morning. I had to wake him up to feed and change him then he passed right back out. It was a tough day for the little guy.

Here are his stats as far as growth goes...

Weight:    Last Apt (11/18): 9.53 lbs, 22nd percentile
               Now: 10.5 lbs, 20th percentile

Head:      Last Apt: Info not given
               Now: 39.5 cm, 25th percentile

Length:   Last Apt: 22.75in, 71st percentile
              Now: 23.75in (Almost 2ft!!!!), 75th percentile

Looks like E might be a tall one! He's still lower on the weight percentile, but the doctor seemed like that was to be expected since he was so long. He's currently drinking 3oz breast milk and 1oz of formula 6 times a day. Today I am bumping him up to 5oz by adding another ounce of formula. Next week we will drop another feeding and move to a 4 hour schedule and go up to 6oz if everything is going well.'s going too fast. I want him to grow, but I desperately want him to stay little. It doesn't last long enough. Ok, time to go play with my cute, little, healthy boy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas..err..New Years Card Outtakes

This Christmas has really shown me how much time I DON"T have anymore. I used to be so prepared, so ahead of schedule. I had lots of time for little creative projects and to make everything perfect. Not so much anymore...or probably ever again for that least for the next 20 years. *Sigh*

That being said...we are having New Years cards this year. You know..the cards for the unprepared, running behind families who just can't get their crap together to get a Christmas card out. Yep that's us this go around.

It took 225 pictures, 3 different looks and a lot of singing, dancing and annoying high pitched baby talking to get a handful of card worthy pictures. For your enjoyment here are a few of the outtakes. I'll share the final card later! Gotta mail it first you know!

Obviously someone else wanted in the picture as well. For my sanity, I opted to forgo tackling a dog and baby picture. I shutter just imagining how many pictures that would have taken. win some, you lose some. Can't wait to share the card!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rest in Peace Maggie

My dad called me with sad news yesterday. His dog, Maggie, passed away after 14 good, long years of life. He had been expecting it for some time now. The vet believed she had some type of cancer and yesterday proved to be too much for her. 

Even though she was an older golden retriever she always acted like a puppy. She loved hunting with my dad and she was very upset when he had to retire her last year due to her age and health (she just couldn't take the cold water anymore).

My dad will miss her company, her cheerful disposition when he arrived home and her running to meet him at his truck, their morning walks to get the newspaper, peanut butter and graham cracker snack time, even her annoying habit of running off when you weren't looking to go eat the neighbors scraps.

Maggie you will be greatly missed and never replaced. Thanks for putting up with Lola's annoying puppy antics and I'm glad you got to sniff Ethan at Thanksgiving. I hope there's lots of yummy food for you to eat in doggie heaven!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So What Wednesday

So What if...

My son sneezed a dime size booger into my freshly cleaned hair this morning.

I came downstairs last night to find a dead mouse that Lola brought in.

I have over 475 emails in my inbox that I have yet to go through....thanks Christmas.

I'm really dreading going out in the cold even if it does mean I get lunch with a friend and an hour of adult conversation.

I spent the hours yesterday looking at toys for Ethan - literally.

I need to go to about 6 different stores to get Christmas related things but have no desire to lug around the carrier. I need to work out.

I have an eye infection which means I can't wear my contacts but I have no time to go to the eye doctor. Now I get to walk around with my glasses that make me feel like I'm looking through a glass bottle.

I bought a yard-of-beef at Sams...I love summer sausage. Seriously, a yard. That's alot of love.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Shout Out to My Husband


Thanks for being such a great teammate. I can't imagine how I would manage all this without you. I'm proud of both of us for handling this new change so well and I know all of the challenges ahead will just make us stronger. 

Thanks for taking over when I've had enough. Having a little time out every now and then makes me a better and happier mommy and I just wanted to let you know that both me and Ethan appreciate it.

Thanks for coming home from a long day at work and jumping right in to help me out. We probably wouldn't eat and would live in a complete mess if it wasn't for this.

Thanks for changing diapers and joining in the paci chase in the middle of the night even though you love your sleep more than most.

I love to watch you entertain E, you are such a wonderful dad and he couldn't be luckier.

I appreciate all the support and love you have shown me during this new time. With body changes, added challenges, and uncertainty I've required more support than normal and you've definitely provided it.

I smile every time I think about our new little family. Life couldn't be greater and I thank you for being a part of it. Who knew so much love could exist.

Love always,

On our 2nd Date since Ethan's birth at the Michael Buble' concert Sunday night.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Will I Cross the Finish Line Today???

Just this morning I asked my husband..."Hey, remember that when I used to clean the house once a week? That was nice."

Honestly, I cleaned it twice a week. Usually Monday was a pick up day from the weekend and Friday was a pick up day and complete cleaning (aka dusting, mopping, windexing). Things sparkled and smelled nice. I've just realized that's probably never going to happen least not in the near future.

Now my house has everything half done. The dishwasher got halfway unloaded. The bathroom got picked up but could use some serious love in the chemical cleaning department. The laundry is clean, but piled to the ceiling yelling at me to fold it and put it away. I have a pile of things on the steps that need to be carried upstairs to be put away.

Speaking of upstairs...I don't think I've been up there all week. Hmm...wonder what it looks like? Probably not good. I'm guessing I've got piles and piles of stuff that needs to be filed away, coupons probably need clipping, and there's probably doggie presents up there for me to find as well (Lola may or may not be going through a jealousy faze).

I've tried all week to try and get things done...hence all the piles...and it just hasn't happened. Maybe today's my day. I hope. I hope. I hope.

Currently I have a smiling baby...maybe he will be interested in napping today. Please dear God take a nap today! I love my little E but nothing frustrates me more than starting something and not being able to finish it.

If I could get the house clean...I'd share my Christmas decor. Can't wait!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Following a Negative with a Positive

1. I dread trying to go to bed at night, but know it's all going to be okay once I get to that first cup of coffee in the morning.

2. I realized it took a lot more time to do things when it took 2 days to put up the Christmas tree and 4 days to get everything picked up from the decor event, but am thankful we have the little one to share it with this year.

3. Lola's thrown up 5 times in two days all over the house and rolled in rotten vegetables from the garden, I'm glad that she's still eating and acting perky but seriously....what's wrong with you?

4. I ran out of pet stain remover to clean said throw up, but am thankful that my mom volunteered to come up and stay with Ethan so I could go to the store and do major shopping as we were out of everything else as well.

5. We have seriously blown our Christmas budget, but am glad that we finally got a pocket camera that works and was on black friday sale! Goodbye Kodak camera that always took shaky pictures and hello Canon.

6. I've realized I've chosen the wrong doctor for Ethan after talking it over with some more people, but have made the decision to switch and feel much better already.

7. Being an adult is not always fun, but it comes with some pretty awesome rewards.

8. Lola pulled off the F4 button on our laptop, but thankfully I really don't know of any uses for it anyways. 

9. I've discovered there isn't too much time to do experimental cooking around here right now, but simple food tends to lead to a lower budget...that's always a good thing!

10. I can't think of anything for number 10, but maybe that's a positive thing after all! 
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