Friday, December 3, 2010

Will I Cross the Finish Line Today???

Just this morning I asked my husband..."Hey, remember that when I used to clean the house once a week? That was nice."

Honestly, I cleaned it twice a week. Usually Monday was a pick up day from the weekend and Friday was a pick up day and complete cleaning (aka dusting, mopping, windexing). Things sparkled and smelled nice. I've just realized that's probably never going to happen least not in the near future.

Now my house has everything half done. The dishwasher got halfway unloaded. The bathroom got picked up but could use some serious love in the chemical cleaning department. The laundry is clean, but piled to the ceiling yelling at me to fold it and put it away. I have a pile of things on the steps that need to be carried upstairs to be put away.

Speaking of upstairs...I don't think I've been up there all week. Hmm...wonder what it looks like? Probably not good. I'm guessing I've got piles and piles of stuff that needs to be filed away, coupons probably need clipping, and there's probably doggie presents up there for me to find as well (Lola may or may not be going through a jealousy faze).

I've tried all week to try and get things done...hence all the piles...and it just hasn't happened. Maybe today's my day. I hope. I hope. I hope.

Currently I have a smiling baby...maybe he will be interested in napping today. Please dear God take a nap today! I love my little E but nothing frustrates me more than starting something and not being able to finish it.

If I could get the house clean...I'd share my Christmas decor. Can't wait!

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