Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas..err..New Years Card Outtakes

This Christmas has really shown me how much time I DON"T have anymore. I used to be so prepared, so ahead of schedule. I had lots of time for little creative projects and to make everything perfect. Not so much anymore...or probably ever again for that least for the next 20 years. *Sigh*

That being said...we are having New Years cards this year. You know..the cards for the unprepared, running behind families who just can't get their crap together to get a Christmas card out. Yep that's us this go around.

It took 225 pictures, 3 different looks and a lot of singing, dancing and annoying high pitched baby talking to get a handful of card worthy pictures. For your enjoyment here are a few of the outtakes. I'll share the final card later! Gotta mail it first you know!

Obviously someone else wanted in the picture as well. For my sanity, I opted to forgo tackling a dog and baby picture. I shutter just imagining how many pictures that would have taken. win some, you lose some. Can't wait to share the card!


  1. Can't wait to see the card... I still need to do the same! A combined new years/birth announcement card. The dog can be in it next year, LOL

  2. You are hilarious! I was lucky to get mine out before my baby was born, but honestly if she came any later, they would be New Years cards too :)


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