Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So What Wednesday

So What if...

My son sneezed a dime size booger into my freshly cleaned hair this morning.

I came downstairs last night to find a dead mouse that Lola brought in.

I have over 475 emails in my inbox that I have yet to go through....thanks Christmas.

I'm really dreading going out in the cold even if it does mean I get lunch with a friend and an hour of adult conversation.

I spent the hours yesterday looking at toys for Ethan - literally.

I need to go to about 6 different stores to get Christmas related things but have no desire to lug around the carrier. I need to work out.

I have an eye infection which means I can't wear my contacts but I have no time to go to the eye doctor. Now I get to walk around with my glasses that make me feel like I'm looking through a glass bottle.

I bought a yard-of-beef at Sams...I love summer sausage. Seriously, a yard. That's alot of love.


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  1. OMG Kendall SO sneezed a giant booger on my hand yesterday! TWINS! Gross and hilarious at the same time!


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