Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 Month Check-up with a New Doctor!

Yesterday,  Ethan had his 2 month checkup (really 10wk) with a brand new doctor. I finally bit the bullet and made a switch. It was one of my first tough mommy decisions that had to be made. I did not have a good gut feeling about his old doctor. The nurse was not friendly. He was a family practitioner not a pediatrician and I felt like I might need a little more specific information than he was able to give me.

Going to a pediatrician was a whole new world. I felt like we will be well taken care of and that they were up to date on all the new baby raising methods. The nurse was very sweet and quick when she gave Ethan his first shots. Poor thing. He was in complete shock after the first prick then screamed through the rest of them. It was so sad. He remained bug eyed for the next hour and then fell asleep until about 9 this morning. I had to wake him up to feed and change him then he passed right back out. It was a tough day for the little guy.

Here are his stats as far as growth goes...

Weight:    Last Apt (11/18): 9.53 lbs, 22nd percentile
               Now: 10.5 lbs, 20th percentile

Head:      Last Apt: Info not given
               Now: 39.5 cm, 25th percentile

Length:   Last Apt: 22.75in, 71st percentile
              Now: 23.75in (Almost 2ft!!!!), 75th percentile

Looks like E might be a tall one! He's still lower on the weight percentile, but the doctor seemed like that was to be expected since he was so long. He's currently drinking 3oz breast milk and 1oz of formula 6 times a day. Today I am bumping him up to 5oz by adding another ounce of formula. Next week we will drop another feeding and move to a 4 hour schedule and go up to 6oz if everything is going well.

Agh...it's going too fast. I want him to grow, but I desperately want him to stay little. It doesn't last long enough. Ok, time to go play with my cute, little, healthy boy!


  1. we totally switched E at 3/4 months to a real PED and are SO happy with our decision!! Glad things are well for you guys.

  2. I hear a lot of mom's switch doc's 2-3 times before finding the *best* one. I think you did the right thing, going with your gut. Glad you're happy! And have a healthy and growing little boy. We have our 1-month check up in an hour. Can't wait to see how much she's grown, but I agree that I want her to stay little, too! :)


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